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In Critical Care we Value Life by developing the essential devices needed to deliver life-saving care for high risk patients. From monitoring and critical access, to infection prevention and safety, we provide excellent products supported by unrivalled training and education.

Our dedicated business unit therapy areas provide an agile service so you have the support you need from multi-disciplinary teams that are specialists in their field.

This means we are able to commit to:

  • Giving patients the best possible outcomes
  • Enabling clinicians to deliver optimum care
  • Offering solutions to meet all your needs
  • Providing a service our employees are proud of.

Critical Care Hub

Total Solutions

Total Solutions for Needle-free devices delivers dedicated training and education programmes, combined with clinical tools, offering CPD accreditation, and much more.

Training & Education

At this most challenging of times, this flexible programme aims to support customers with valuable tools and resources to suit a range of training and educational needs.

Patient Education

Patient Education is at the heart of what we do. Whether that’s helping to support patients, parents and children in hospital, or when they receive treatment in the community.

Training Available

With the pressures you are under right now, we know it is difficult to plan and deliver training as you would normally. To help, we have implemented a training request and specialist call back service so we can give you access to the training and education, or product support you want, at a time that suits you.


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not able to provide on-site training and education.

To request a virtual training session, or information call with one of our team, please contact us by clicking the box below.


Do you have a product or technical query? Perhaps you have a sales enquiry.

If you would like to arrange a call to discuss please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Total Solutions for Needle-free devices is a new service dedicated to the delivery of vital training and education. As well as offering CPD accredited programmes, the resources combine with our clinical tools, services and solutions to support healthcare professional and patients, as well as hospital managers.

By making it available online, we aim to make Total Solutions as accessible as possible. Our aim is a transparent partnership to demonstrate our commitment to the contract we have with you. We commit to sharing the responsibility of service delivery by monitoring, measuring and sharing user feedback and results.

Meet the Team

At Vygon our focus is to be the best in class; to understand the world we work in and how our products fit into that world.

Our dedicated sales team backed up by experts at our UK headquarters – ensures our customers get the support they need on the ground as well as in the community.

To deliver an excellent service there is no substitute for first-hand experience and knowledge of the issues and pressures healthcare professionals face when treating and caring for patients. That’s why we are proud to have Clinical Nurse Advisors and Haemodynamic Specialists in the Vygon Critical Care team.  As highly accomplished specialists in their fields, our Clinical Nurse Advisors and Haemodynamic Specialists offer a premium level of valuable support.

With their expertise we have produced evidenced based competency frameworks incorporating national and local policies that cover how to use and care for our products.  The level of detail and skill in our implementation training pack ages ensures that our Clinical Nurse Advisors and Haemodynamic Specialists are able to guide clinicians and clinical teams from evaluation to adoption and beyond.

We achieve success by partnering with NHS teams and providing effective learning opportunities that comply with the principles of Continuing Professional Development.  Our support is there on an ongoing basis through our educational and training programmes as well as our learning resources and on-site education. In short, the support never stops!

Caroline Ziemski

Haemodynamic Specialist

Caroline joined Vygon in 2017 and has the benefit of a 20 year career as a Registered General Nurse (RGN) and clinical lead specialising in general, surgical and cardiothoracic intensive care. She also holds a post-grad teaching certificate.

Caroline has an ICU Hyperbaric Medicine qualification and extensive knowledge of both NHS and private sector practice. She has been in the medical devices industry specialising primarily in cardiac output monitoring and new to market device sales training and teaching since 2008.

Nicola Pyke 

Clinical Nurse Advisor

Nicola joined Vygon in March 2020 as our Clinical Nurse Advisor for needle-free devices.  She gained her RGN qualification in 1991 and holds a BSc and Cert Ed. She has more than 13 years’ experience of IV vascular access/IV therapy and venepuncture specialties with a clinical trainer/educator background.

Nicola has worked within the medical industry since 1998 in both clinical consultancy and commercial roles.  She also has experience in Critical Care & Infection Control remits.


Beverley Fletcher

Haemodynamic Specialist

Beverley joined Vygon in May 2022 as our Haemodynamic Specialist for the South UK.


Before joining Vygon she worked at Royal Papworth Hospital as a cardiothoracic critical care nurse, where she developed many specialist skills caring for high dependency patients. This involved being competent in various medical devices, and looking after patients receiving ECMO, IABP and VAD support.



Our Product ranges


We provide Critical Care solutions for when your patients need it the most.

Find out more about our Infection Prevention & Safety products by clicking the button below.

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