Critical Care (CC)

Our promise to you

In Critical Care, we Value Life through developing the essential devices needed for your high risk patients, with solutions that provide both crucial and safe care. From monitoring and critical access, to infection prevention and safety, we provide critical care solutions for when your patients need it most.

Our dedicated business unit therapy areas have been created to provide an agile service so that you have the right level of support from teams that are specialists in their field, and of course, that ever-important quick turnaround to customer enquiries.

At Vygon, we are passionate about patient care and we are driven to providing quality products with a service to match. We’re committed to:

  • Giving patients the best possible outcomes
  • Enabling clinicians to deliver optimal care
  • Offering solutions to meet all of your needs
  • Providing a service that our employees are proud of.

Critical Care Team


Monitoring & Critical Access

Dedicated to the effective, reliable and safe delivery of vascular and arterial therapy, our catheter ranges are designed to suit a variety of patient requirements where short-term acute IV therapy is required.

Multistar incorporates the antimicrobials rifampicin and miconazole to reduce the incidence of catheter microbial colonisation, and is ideal for use with particularly vulnerable patients.

For elective theatre patients there is Multicath Forward, a radiopaque multi-lumen CVC with flexible tip. Multicath Expert is impregnated with silver ions, which are proven to be effective against the most common pathogens causing device-related infections.

The Leadercath CVC range is specifically designed for jugular or subclavian insertion.

Leadercath Arterial is inserted using the Seldinger technique and features a red hub for easy identification as an arterial line. ArterioSel is for arterial cannulation with minimal blood loss and clear visualisation of arterial access. We offer a range of arterial packs that contain everything required for radial arterial catheter placement while maintaining maximum sterile barrier precautions.

When it comes to monitoring critically ill patients, MostCare UP is the only monitor able to follow the slightest haemodynamic variations in real time and from beat to beat.


Infection Prevention & Safety

Reducing infection risks to prevent patient harm is a priority in the critical care environment.

3M™ Curos™ Disinfecting Port Protectors are designed to be used with needle-free connectors to help prevent catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs). Twisted onto IV access ports, the Curos connectors use 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA), and disinfect the ports in just one minute, protecting for up to seven days if not removed.

As well as preventing infection, our ranges of needle-free devices for IV access focus on preventing catheter occlusion. Using Bionector clinicians can infuse, inject, sample, and change IV tubing without opening the IV circuit to the atmosphere.

Bionector TKO® reduces catheter occlusion and works by controlling the bi-directional flow of fluid, infusate and catheter tip blood reflux. Vadsite is a clear, split-septum needle-free device with a straight fluid pathway in line with the recommendations of global opinion leaders.

To eliminate needlestick injuries the Vigmed range of cannulas offers complete safety, along with accurate IV access, and Biovalve Safe is an alternative short peripheral IV safety cannula.

Vygon’s range of extension lines is available in open, ported and spiral versions to personalise care to individual requirements, specific drug treatments and clinical conditions. A variety of bungs and stoppers is available for all extension lines.

For drawing-up or re-constitution of medication and accessing IV bags, we have a range of blunt- fill and filter needles.



Needle Free Connectors

Haemodynamic Management

Central Venous Access