Patient Education

Patient Education

At Vygon we value life and to achieve this we support clinicians with the tools they need to provide the best care possible for patients.

With many more people now receiving IV therapy in their own homes, patients need to be familiar with vascular access devices, understand what role the equipment plays in their treatment as well as learn how to maintain and care for the lines to minimise the risk of infection and other complications.

Our Patient Education guides are designed to be practical resources to help patients and their carers feel comfortable about taking control of key elements of their treatment. To ensure they are informative and educational for all, the guides take a variety of formats so they are interactive and engaging for both adults and children.


"It has been refreshing to see Vygon place the child patient experience at the centre of their journey. The development of the Adventures of Billy Bionector is a well considered and child centred resource to support children to navigate their medical journeys, offering factual information in a fun and accessible way."

Nicola Edwards, Child Therapist & Author of The Adventures of Brian.

"As the SENCO and senior leader of a large mainstream primary school, I am responsible for co-ordinating the care of a number of children with severe and complex needs, many of whom have medical conditions in addition to learning, emotional and physical needs.

[…] Whilst we do not currently have any children requiring IV treatment/medications, information such as that which you are providing would help to support school staff to feel more comfortable when caring for children with such complex medical needs.

The child friendly book that you have created is absolutely brilliant, and the personification of each individual medical tool into superheroes will appeal to all children. The resource will help to reassure our children whilst also providing parents and professionals with an additional tool to revisit time and again to support the children's understanding of this procedure which, for most, is very scary!

This will further facilitate the joined-up approach between education and health care which is key to providing our children and families with the very best."

Mel Walton, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and PPod Co-ordinator.

Knowledge, understanding and power. 

I can’t believe how many questions and worries this answers in a single booklet- this is everything I needed in the beginning to help me. Understanding and knowledge is a key part of thriving, even with your medical needs. The Vygon information packs are an invaluable resource to help address any gaps in this, easy to understand yet thorough - this gives the power back to me, patients like me and families, putting us  back in the driving seat of our care and being able to live our lives to the full.

-Evie Toombes BCyA 


Vygon have always led the way in patient and staff education, their products are of good quality as is their education.

William Scroggs, Midline Teamleader Queens’ Hospital Burton-on-Trent

Omar is a PN user and is the father of a small boy, his son reviewed Billie Bionector and found the video to be not only fun and interesting but informative and helpful when understanding what his dad does every day.

‘For the most part, he was really quiet, taking in all the information, but did like the handwashing steps - kept asking if that's how dada washes his hands.

He also enjoyed seeing all three of the characters at the same time & knew which one was the feed bag, but did ask why is it purple! (mine is yellow or white)’

For Omar himself, he found it a valuable bonding experience as well as a great resource for future users of PN or for children learning to understand what their relative is doing and why.

‘Personally, I found the video enjoyable, it really helps to simplify the steps taken before connecting, the bright graphics & clear and simple instructions would be ideal for a child about to embark on PN. I also liked the clear pictures when it came to hand washing, they're a lot more child friendly than the ones that are stuck up around hospitals!’

Patient Education Video


Our video creates an engaging story around the care of a vascular access device with cartoon characters led by Billie Bionector. The adventure to fight germs takes viewers through the care of needle-free devices and IV equipment. Using their superpowers in space, the cartoon’s characters explain how to clean a needle free device, the role of a saline flush and the importance of properly connecting the syringe to the hub.

Parent & Patient Guides


Parent guide Bionector TKO

Supporting your child when they are receiving IV therapy at home is a straight-forward process with this step by step guide. Included is advice on how to scrub the hub of a Bionector TKO needle-free device.


Parent guide Bionector

This guide helps parents maintain as normal a family life as possible whilst caring for a child needing IV therapy that incorporates a Bionector needle-free device. It shows how to keep the equipment clean at home.


Parent guide Vadsite

A useful checklist is included in this guide to help parents support children receiving IV therapy at home. It features a section on keeping the Vadsite needle-free device clean and clear to minimise the risk of infections.


Patient guide Bionector TKO

The patient guide for Bionector TKO explains how the needle-free device attaches to the end of the cannula, or catheter, so that medication can be given. It includes a checklist to follow to keep the line clean.


Patient guide Bionector

Focusing on the care and maintenance of IV therapy devices for patients receiving treatment at home, the guide emphasises the importance of keeping vascular access equipment clean.


Preventing infection and other complications when caring for an IV device at home follows five key steps in this patient guide. It includes how to ‘scrub the hub’ of the Vadsite needle-free device.

To enrol into the Superhero Academy you must complete all of your tasks, create a superhero name and a superpower.

Patient Education Child Book



This entertaining book tells the story of Billie Bionector and his friends and how they use their superpowers to play key roles in a patient’s IV therapy. Using the fun of a game to take readers on an adventure, the book focuses on the care and maintenance of a catheter. The cartoon covers hand washing, scrubbing the hub of the needle-free device and keeping the catheter clean and clear.

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