NRFit Connectors & Devices

Why choose NRFit™?

In 2016, the ISO 80369-6 introduced the NRFit™ standard to help combat the identified safety issue of medication errors in regional anaesthesia procedures. Using the universally compatible Luer connectors presents higher risks of wrong route medication errors. These tubing misconnections could have harmful, and sometimes fatal, results. Using the ISO 80369-6 connector (NRFit) provides a simple, yet effective way to reduce this risk and improve patient safety.

“...Drug Errors cause 700 deaths a year, and could also be a factor in between 1,700 and 22,300 other ones in the UK….”(1)

To NRFit or Not to NRFit

Benefits of NRFit™

Increased patient safety

The universally compatible Luer connector has been identified as a key element in 'wrong route' medication errors. Dedicated NRFit Connectors help reduce these risks.

Mitigate risk of wrong route errors

These dedicated connectors are 20% smaller in diameter to prevent misconnection with traditional Luer connectors that could be used for other infusion purposes.

Faster identification of devices

The dedicated yellow colour coding allows for easier and faster identification of NRFit regional anesthesia devices within clinical settings

How does NRFit™ work?

The standard small-bore connector in medical devices has for many years been a universal Luer connector and is used in many different procedures and applications. Due to this universal part this has, in some circumstances, allowed the wrong route administration of fluids and gasses into patients – sometimes with harmful or fatal results.

The ISO 80369-6 standard connectors, also known as NRFit connectors, intend to replace Luer connectors on spinal needles, epidural catheters and other regional anaesthetic and intrathecal devices.

The NRFit connector diameter is 20% smaller than that of the Luer counterpart. With this new design, NRFit devices are incompatible with the traditional Luer system – thus preventing the possibility of misconnections.

With the use of yellow colour coding for NRFit, this also helps visually to distinguish these connectors from other, traditional connectors and devices.




Discover more about the range of NRFit Devices from Vygon. Neurafit is Vygon's solution for the ISO standard connection.

NRFit™ product range

NeuraFit are a range of NRFit spinal needles, designed to be exceptionally strong. Available with two different needle designs to meet clinical needs.

The Neurafit NRFit Epidural range, designed with the user in mind, is easy to set up and ergonomic to use for the secure NRFit connection.

Our product kits are specially curated for ultimate ease during your clinical procedures. Ensuring you have everything you need to hand and ready to use with NRFit connectors.

The UK adoption attitude and rates have been extremely positive. Although it is not yet mandatory to adopt the ISO 80369-6 connectors, the clear patient safety benefit has been seen and experienced by many Trusts and clinicians.

NRFit™ is a global initiative, with hospitals across many nations making the change to promote patient safety in regional anaesthesia. As of 2021, Japan has successfully completed the adoption of ISO-compliant NRFit™ connectors in all of their hospitals.(2)

The full adoption from Luer to NRFit™ is a complex process that takes several months and supporting clinicians and Trusts through this transitionary period is of upmost importance.

Step One

We work with you to understand your requirements, needs and timelines. To propose a solution to support Trust-wide delivery.

Step Two

Based on your requirements and needs, we deliver a plan to support the solution with agreed timelines.

Step Three

We implement the plan as agreed. Delivering a conversion and training plan to support clinical and non-clinical teams, and their departments. We can be onsite on the day of switch over to help with any removal of current stock and implementation of new.

Step Four

During the conversion we review and sign off the delivery within each department for both product and training. Final sign-off is done to complete the project.

Step Five

Post sign off and for the duration of your contract we will provide you with dedicated support.

Vygon UK support

Designed to support teams using and/or considering our portfolio of Pain and Airway Management products. From brochures, videos, case studies and more, our clinical support packs provide a wide range of resources. Request yours today.

Here at Vygon UK, training and development are integral to our culture. We are committed to supporting our customers' learning needs by offering a variety of resources and training to support our customers and patients throughout their journey.

If your Trust or department is considering the move to NRFit, or are looking for a new supplier, Vygon will be your NRFit partner. Get in touch today to request your clinical and Trust evaluation.

For more information please contact us

Vygon UK is here to support you, your clinicians, and your Trust in your transition to NRFit™. Whether you are new users to NRFit™, or looking for an alternative supplier, Vygon UK is on hand with support for every step of the journey. Get in touch today to find out more.

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