6 Additional Benefits of Working with Vygon UK

A leading carbon-neutral supplier of medical and surgical devices dedicated to helping clinicians deliver the best possible outcomes for their patients. We offer high-quality products as well as:

  • A dedicated Customer Service Team
  • On-site Technical Support and laboratory
  • Offering a range of Training & Education
  • Providing Custom Packs designed for you
  • Having a team of Clinical Nurse Advisors available to help


Keep reading to explore the many advantages of our valuable services.

Sustainability & Carbon Neutrality

Vygon is proud to be a Carbon Neutral Company committed to sustainability for a brighter tomorrow. We fully support the NHS supplier roadmap to net zero and strive to enhance our corporate social responsibility (CSR) by managing our operations responsibly. We have implemented various sustainable measures, such as using solar panels in our offices, a hybrid fleet, and planting an orchard on-site. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of installing a wind farm at the office. Vygon UK achieved Carbon Neutrality Certification in November 2021, marking the beginning of our journey towards Net Zero, in line with the NHS Supply Chain's target to reach Net Zero by 2045.

Exceptional Customer Service

We value our customers and believe in promptly responding to queries with accurate and relevant information. That's why we go the extra mile and offer a dedicated Customer Service Team to support each of our customers who can assist with any queries and provide additional information.

"Very good service with timely deliveries, thank you."

- Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary

Technical Support & On-site Laboratory

Our Swindon office has two on-site labs: the Mechanical Lab and Biological Lab. These labs enable our Lab Technicians to quickly conduct any testing or investigations required by our customers, streamlining our complaint-handling process. Our Mechanical Lab tests newly developed or modified products, including our capital equipment. Our Biological Lab will investigate any contaminated products that are returned to us, and provide the customer with a detailed report of any issues. Our Technical Team offers ongoing care and support for our medical devices, always available to answer questions and examine any problems.

"Always very helpful when I call…Very prompt, detailed and useful reports when we have sent items back for assessment."

- Worthing Hospital

Providing Training & Education

We provide comprehensive training options for healthcare providers and patients. Our gastrostomy study days offer peer-led presentations, practical sessions, and workshops on enteral feeding. Additionally to in-person training sessions, we also provide online training courses. Our Midline and Extended Dwell Catheter Insertion Course is accredited by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), and attendees can receive 5 CPD hours of credit upon completion. This course, along with all our vascular access courses, is free to current Vygon customers.

"The course was very informative and educational and as I navigated my way along the course I found that I really enjoyed it, and would highly recommend this e-learning to my colleagues and medical team."

- Delegate from University Monklands Hospital

In addition to our clinical training, we offer a range of patient information and support guides available to patients and caregivers to help explain procedures, products and how to care for their devices once in situ.

Custom Packs

Vygon's custom packs enhance NHS savings, efficiency, resources and adherence to best practices. Our Sales Teams provide expert training. We create tailored packs from concept to delivery, ensuring quality and safety. These packs align with guidelines, offer flexible delivery, and support initiatives like QIPP and Saving Lives. They also simplify tracking with a single label and barcode.

Clinical Nurse Advisors

Our Clinical Nurse Advisors and Haemodynamic Specialists offer valuable support to healthcare professionals, sharing their expertise and experience. We provide evidence-based competency frameworks and detailed training packages to guide clinicians in using our products. We partner with NHS teams and offer ongoing support through education and training programs. Our commitment to excellent service in healthcare never stops.

If you have any questions about any of the above offerings or would like to learn more, get in touch today.


Published 24th October 2023