The Importance of Clinical Training at Vygon

Clinical training and education are fundamental to our offering at Vygon UK. Ensuring that all of our customers are supported to achieve the best clinical and patient outcomes when using a Vygon medical device.

To support our service, we have a dedicated team of Clinical Nurse Advisors and Educators who work alongside our Product Specialists to deliver a wide range of training and product support.

Discover more below about our training services with a Q&A with our clinical nurse team or use the button below to get in touch with our clinical team and discuss your requirements.

What Clinical Training can Vygon Provide?

What Training does Vygon Provide

Meet our Clinical Nurse Team

Intravascular Therapies


Tracey Jones


Jon-En Yeung

Critical Care

Nicola Pyke (RGB)

Nicola Pyke

Beverley Fletcher

Beverley Fletcher

What's a typical day for a clinical nurse advisor?




There is no average day for a clinical nurse educator at Vygon! No two days are the same. We could provide support online to working with clinicians to ensure they attain competency whilst placing their devices.

An average day for a Clinical Nurse Educator at Vygon is so varied, it’s what keeps me motivated! Some days I am out visiting clinicians, delivering training sessions or supporting the Product Specialists, others I’m reviewing and updating our training resources that we use, such as the online courses or our presentations.

Agreed - Every day is very different. Usually, I’ll be out in the field supporting one of our product specialists with getting to an evaluation stage or assisting in getting clinical sign off on Mostcare. Other days I may be going into existing accounts to deliver training and ensure that we have good working relationships with our current users.

What types of training do you offer?





For the Critical Care team, our training encompasses the ‘Total Solution Approach’. This is adapted to the customer needs and requirements. So, we can do a mixture of remote or face to face sessions including (training, train the trainer, demonstrations, as examples). This can be used for evaluation support, conversion management or continued maintenance and support of our existing customers.

Within Critical Care, we also provide an e-learning programme for self-directed learning for our Mostcare and Needle Free Devices.

Within the IVT Clinical Education Team, we offer a training in a variety of ways and have a wealth of resources. Face-to-face training can be provided in the form of study days and courses or small group sessions, virtual training over Teams and online training on our educational platform. We are always available via phone or email to help customers with any queries or support they might need.

For our vascular access devices, training may also be delivered at study days organised by our customers where we facilitate and compliment the chosen topic. We publish within the nursing press and have produced videos supporting placement.

Why do you think training is important for hospitals and trusts?




Vygon places patient safety at the core of all that it achieves. The clinical team and our training allow this to happen.

Training and educational programmes are essential for Health Care Professionals as it enables continued professional development and promoting best practice to maintain or improve clinical and patient outcomes.

Without regular training, clinicians are not able to keep in touch with advancements within their field and this could be detrimental to the care their patients receive.

What feedback do you often get from customers on the training you deliver?



The teams we visit are always very grateful for the training they receive. With the poor staffing ratios currently, it can be difficult for the teams to attend training away from a bed space/the education team to have dedicated nonclinical hours. therefore, by having external training it allows them to develop without having to do so within their own time.

For Needle Free Devices, common consensus can be 'I didn't realise that there is so much more to a needle free device than being just a bung!' and 'It's great that there is patient education to support their integrated care pathway '. So, it can be quite eye-opening for them.

In once sentence, why do you think the training Vygon provides offers so much value to hospital teams?





The high standard of training that Vygon provides is not only tailored to the needs of the customer and their patients, but teaches clinicians the knowledge, skills, and behaviours to ensure their practice remains patient focused.

Training staff helps engrain the necessary behaviours, attitudes, skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality, safe, person-centred care.

Our training allows staff to continue to support their patients and focus on the more important elements of working within a high acuity environment.

The training/educational programmes are comprehensive and provides the clinician with maintaining the underpinning knowledge to support safe delivery of care to the patient through best practice'

Anything else to add about Vygon’s clinical education service?



Most of the Clinical Education Team still practices in the NHS to keep skills up-to-date and we understand the pressures that customers face. We utilise this knowledge to adapt our training to provide flexibility and make clinicians more efficient, productive, and patient-centred.

They are fabulous and leads the way in industry. It’s a very high standard team delivering the teaching/training.

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Published 24th April 2023