Online Resources

Online Resources


In this section, we profile our catalogue of online learning materials. At Vygon training and development are integral to our culture.  We are committed to supporting our customers’ learning needs by offering a variety of online resources they can access at a time to suit them.


This includes comprehensive and robust eLearning courses (including RCN Accredited courses) to support the appropriate use of vascular access devices and systems.  In addition, we offer learning via our online presentations and demonstration videos, which you can access here. All of our content is evidence-based and up to date.


Please contact us directly using the link below if you would like to access our Moodle course for midline catheter insertion.


Distance Learning Modules

A package of training programmes, designed for clinicians who are interested in developing their skills through the completion of in-depth vascular access competency modules.


Comprehensive, interactive courses including quizzes, assignments, reflections and competencies to test your knowledge and increase confidence.  The courses are designed to facilitate continuous professional development and learning, along with supporting reflective and evidence-based practice.

Midline Insertion

PICC Insertion

Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access

Care and Maintenance of VADs

Intracavitary ECG Technology for CVAD Tip Placement

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Webinar Series

Vygon (UK) Ltd is hosting free Bitesize Masterclass webinars on Vascular Access. Watch previous recordings or register for an upcoming webinar.


Training Videos

Video-based resources are now a widely accepted and well-liked e-learning style. By developing short, engaging films our aim is to support and supplement your knowledge of our products.

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Our portal is part of our partnership online learning programme. Giving customers 24/7 access to education, downloadable tools and resources. It also includes a 10 module CPD accredited programme to support vascular access, IV therapy and Needle-free devices as part of our Total Solutions.

Additional Resources

A selection of PowerPoint presentations currently available to download and view online.

Care and Maintenance

This presentation takes you through every aspect of the care and maintenance of all vascular access devices.

Dr Linda Kelly Narrated Presentation

Midline Insertion

Covering Leaderflex, Smartmidline and Lifecath, this presentation focuses on palpitation or ultrasound guided midline insertion.

Dr Linda Kelly Narrated Presentation

PICC Insertion

This presentation covers all aspects of PICC midline insertion using MST, ultrasound guidance and local anaesthesia.


Dr Linda Kelly Narrated Presentation

Ultrasound Guidance for Venous Access

In this presentation we concentrate on ultrasound guidance for vascular access procedures including basic ultrasound, probe selection, orientation, hints and tips.

Dr Linda Kelly Narrated Presentation

Anatomy & Physiology Related to Tunnelled Central Venous Catheter and Ports

This presentation talks you through the anatomy and physiology of your patient in relation to vascular access.

Tunnelled Central Venous Catheters

This presentation looks at insertion TCVCs (Tunnelled Central Venous Catheters) and some of the benefits to the patient.

Anatomy and Physiology as it relates to Peripheral Intravenous Central Catheters

This presentation talks you through the anatomy and physiology of your patient in relation to vascular access.

Intracavitary ECG Technology to Determine Catheter Tip Position

This presentation looks at Intracavitary ECG Technology to Determine Catheter Tip Position

Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of frequently asked questions for clinicians using leaderflex, smartmidline and lifecath midline catheters.



The use of Vascular Access Devices can result in harm to patients and adverse outcomes. Vygon (UK) accepts no liability for the consequences of any actions taken where the following guidance is not taken, or the details within the associated IFU (Instructions for Use) not adhered to.


This document has been designed to provide information to clinicians using leaderflex, smartmidline™, or lifecath midlines in practice. Where possible, the information provided has been gathered from research evidence. However, where this is not available, information is provided using expert opinion and from RCN or INS guidelines.

  • Information regarding insertion and care and maintenance of midlines is provided during device insertion sessions and specific training sessions available from Vygon (UK)
  • Support literature regarding insertion, care, and maintenance, along with Patient Information for midlines are also available from Vygon (UK)

Download our FAQ document designed to provide information to clinicians using leaderflex, smartmidline™, or lifecath midlines.

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