SIVAN  2020: Vascular Access: challenges and triumphs in 2020

3rd annual SIVAN meeting…

The Scottish Intravascular Access Network (SIVAN) is aimed at any healthcare professional with an interest in vascular access or infusion therapy. The network aims to bring practitioners together to learn and to share best practice with the ultimate aim to enhance patient experience and improve outcomes.

Date: Thursday 8th October 2020

Platform: Free to attend webinar

Chair: Jason Ram

2020 has been a challenging year for Healthcare around the world. Vascular access has been at the heart of all efforts and many challenges have been faced but equally many triumphs have been seen.

SIVAN 2020 will focus on lessons learnt and potential ways forward through these times to enhance practices in vascular access and share the experiences.

As has been the way for much of this year, we will continue with the SIVAN meeting by way of a webinar. The 4 speakers in the agenda below will focus their talks on the lived experience during COVID-19 and how they managed vascular access practices in the most demanding of situations. Many services had to adapt and re-invent what they did and how they did it, as did we.

SIVAN 2020 will hear 4 stories from the many that have occurred during this testing time. We welcome you to SIVAN online.

Confirmed speakers

1800 – Jason Ram: Welcome

1805 – Victoria MacLauchlan and Lizanne Hamilton Smith: SIVAN: Where we are and what are our aims?

1815 – Nicola Wylie: The impact of Covid-19 on a nurse led vascular access service, lessons learned.

1830 – Victoria / Emily: Current development of the Midline service in NHS Fife.

1845 – Kirsten Anderson: Observation of variance with regards staff education, training, experience/expertise, competence & compliance across the hospital setting.

– Steven McGoldrick: Working experience on Vascular Access service pre and during COVID-19, routes to improve services.

1900 – Andrew Barton: Delivering a vascular access service in COVID-19 times, from practitioner to becoming a COVID-19 patient

1915 – Questions and Discussion

1930 – Close

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