PPSCT™ – Safety Huber Needle

Safety Huber needles with single hand activation

Safety Huber needle with single hand activation: decreased blood exposure risk versus double activated device

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Core Product Features

Power injection compatible

Max pressure setting: 300 psi

For use with contrast agents

Protect against needlestick injuries

Minimise risk of occlusion upon withdrawal

Single hand activation

Easy insertion and withdrawal

Access to Vygon clinical support

About Product

Safety Huber needle with single hand activation: decreased blood exposure risk versus double activated device

As vascular access experts, we know how important it is for patients and clinicians, that the combination of implantable ports and Huber needles maximise treatment effectiveness and minimise risks.

Key qualities in the design of our Huber needles include safety features to protect against needlestick injuries and to minimise the risk of  occlusion after the needle is withdrawn.

Other benefits include ease of use with single hand activation and a simple, straight-forward withdrawal process.

In addition to the comprehensive benefits in our polyperf safe Huber needle, the Vygon range features needles with special features to address particular clinical needs. They are:

  • PPS flow + – single-handed removal plus automatic positive pressure helps to reduce catheter occlusion
  • PPSCT – power injection compatible Huber needle for use with contrast agents
  • Pefusafe2 – a low profile design ideal for paediatric patients and oncology and haematology patients requiring extended treatment.

Safe and secure

Our polyfilm securement dressing is specially designed to ensure the Huber needles remain in place.  They feature an adhesive central window to ensure easy removal without displacing the needle.



  • Total protection until discarded in sharps container

Positive pressure locking

  • Simple two handed technique allows for easy positive pressure lock of port


  • Eliminates the risk of needlestick injury
  • No rebound effect when withdrawing the needle
  • No risk of contact with the body of the needle.


  • Withdrawal of the needle with only one hand


  • Compatibility with CT scan injection

Infusion rate

  • Ring indicating the maximum infusion rate on the needle

Power injection

  • Implantable port compatible with power injection

UOI Units: Box

UOI: 12

Contains Latex: No

Contains DEHP: No

Pyrogen Free: Yes

Sterile Medical Device: Yes

Manufacturer: Vygon SA

Product Support

Vygon is committed to education and support for our customers. We provide in-service training sessions for all staff and all shift patterns, to help ensure your clinicians achieve best practice when delivering care to patients. In addition, patient advice leaflets and children’s bravery certificates are available on request, to help assist the clinicians in supporting and informing their patients.

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