SecurAcath® Subcutaneous Anchor Securement System secures catheters without sutures or adhesives

SecurAcath® is a unique, clinically validated device to secure PICC, CVC and midline catheters avoiding the need for sutures or adhesive fixation devices. SecurAcath® is the only Subcutaneous Anchor Securement System (SASS) available and is shown to reduce catheter displacement 1-5, CLABSI 6, and the cost of mid to long-term catheter securement products.

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Core Product Features

Just One for The Life of The Line

Lowers Total Cost of Patient care

0-1.6% SecurAcath® Dislodgment VS 7-12% Adhesive Devices

288% Increased Risk of CLABSI With Adhesive Devices vs. SecurAcath®

Neonates Through Geriatrics

26 Peer-reviewed Publications on Subcutaneous Securement

About Product

The SecurAcath® Subcutaneous Anchor Securement System (SASS) is a revolutionary new method for catheter securement that does not require sutures or adhesives. The unique design of the SecurAcath® secures right at the insertion site using small, flexible securement feet placed in the subcutaneous tissue just beneath the skin. 6

Used for securing PICC lines, CVCs and other lines for any patients, from neonates to geriatrics.

Product Codes:

Size Code
3F VIA400130
4F VIA400140
5F VIA400110
6F VIA400150
7F VIA400120
8F VIA400160
9F VIA400170
10F VIA400180
12F VIA400200


[1] McParlan et al, “Intravascular catheter migration: A cross-sectional and health-economic comparison of adhesive and subcutaneous engineered stabilisation devices for intravascular device securement.” Journal of Vascular Access (2019):online
[2] Pittiruti M, et al. “Clinical experience of a subcutaneously anchored sutureless system for securing central venous catheters.” British Journal of Nursing (2019) Jan 24;28(2):S4-14.
[3] Zerla et al. “Evaluating Safety, Efficacy, and Cost-Effectiveness of PICC Securement by Subcutaneously Anchored Stabilization Device.” Journal of Vascular Access 18.3 (2017):238-242.
[4] Dolcino et al. “Potential Role of a Subcutaneously Anchored Securement Device in Preventing Dislodgement of Tunneled-Cuffed Central Venous Devices in Pediatric Patients.” Journal of Vascular Access 18.6 (2017):540-545.
[5] Hughes, Meinir Elen. “Reducing PICC migrations and improving patient outcomes.” British Journal of Nursing 23:Sup1, (2014): S12-S18.
[6] Rowe, et al, “Catheter Securement Impact on PICC-related CLABSI: A University Hospital Perspective” American Journal of Infection Control, Open Access, June 17, 2020

The flexible securement feet are made of Nitinol which is a shape-memory alloy of nickel and titanium. Nitinol is used in several medical devices including self-expanding stents and IVC filters. The plastic is polypropylene and elastomer. The SecurAcath® is not made with natural rubber latex.

UOI Units: Box

UOI: 10

Contains Latex: No

Contains DEHP: No

Pyrogen Free: Yes

Sterile Medical Device: Yes

Product Support

Vygon is committed to education and support for our customers. We provide in-service training sessions for all staff and all shift patterns, to help ensure your clinicians achieve best practice when delivering care to patients.

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