Multicath Expert Central Venous Catheter

Multicath Expert multi-lumen antimicrobial central venous catheter

Multicath Expert central venous catheter (CVC), for safe and reliable venous access in adult patients who require short-term acute IV therapy.

Choose your catheter with confidence and select the most appropriate catheter for your patient and their therapy requirements, with multi-lumen and length options.

Specially designed for use with critical care patients, the added silver ion impregnation with antimicrobial properties, reducing the incidence of catheter related blood stream infections (CRIBSI’s).

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Core Product Features

Adult patient use

Multi-lumen and length options

A-traumatic tip design, reducing vessel trauma

Added silver ion impregnation with antimicrobial properties

Reduce incidence of CRIBSI’s

Pressure tested lumen for contrast media infusion in CT

Effective up to 30 days

About Product

Multicath Expert Central Venous Catheter for Adult Patients

Vygon offers a wide range of central venous catheters (CVCs) that provide safe and reliable vascular access. This range of catheters is intended for use in patients who require short-term acute IV therapy.


Specially designed for use with critical care patients

The Multicath Expert is specially designed for central venous access for the most critical of patients.

  • Suitable for use in multiple clinical environments where direct and quick access is required, allowing: fluid infusions, medications, blood or blood products infusion, intermittent injections, blood sampling
  • Atraumatic tip design that is soft and flexible, allowing for a smooth transition over the guidewire whist reducing the potential for internal vessel trauma.
  • Antimicrobial efficacy and effectiveness duration of silver confirmed by in-vitro-tests up to 30 days.


Multi-lumen and length Options

Multicath Expert comes with a choice of 2-5 lumens and in a range of lengths so you can choose your catheter depending on patient and therapy requirements.

The 12.5 quin lumen option allows for full catheter insertion, reduces the risk of catheter migration, infection and erosion, or perforation associated with intra-cardiac placement.


Enhanced Patient Safety with Antimicrobial Technology

Multicath Expert is Impregnated with Silver Ion, for antimicrobial properties. The innovative silver ion impregnation that releases throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Ionic silver is released at the catheters surface to reduce the risk of bacteria colonisation. Reducing the incidence of catheter related blood stream infections (CRIBSI’s).


Epic3 recommendation: Use an antimicrobial-impregnated central venous access device for adult patients, where the central venous catheter is expected to remain.


Training, Support and Education

Multicath Expert CVC is a core part of the critical care range of central venous access devices from Vygon UK. With access to dedicated training and education, combined with clinical tools, services and solutions to support your healthcare professionals and patients.

Presented in a rigid blister with label for traceability containing:

Component Features
Guidewire Stainless steel guidewire
Needle Standard needle
Scalpel Mini scalpel
Fixation wings Fixation wings
Dilator Dilator
Caps Standard caps
5 mL Syringe 5mL syringe
Stopcock 0
Short I.V. cannula 18G short I.V. cannula

For more information, please refer to the Multicath IFU document


Product Notes

  • Clean area in accordance with your hospital/departmental protocol
  • Catheters should be handled using strict aseptic-non-touch-techniques
  • Catheters introduced by a classic Seldinger technique into the internal jugular, subclavian or femoral veins (other access sites are also possible).
  • Indicated for short term therapy (until 29 days)
  • The catheter is depth marked every centimetre, with a numerical marking every five centimetres


Product Compatibility

The Multicath Expert CVC are compatible with Vygon’s needle free connectors and octopus’ extensions. Please contact your Vygon representative to discuss.


UOI Units: Box

UOI: 5

Contains Latex: No

Contains DEHP: No

Pyrogen Free: No

Sterile Medical Device: Yes

Product Support

Vygon is committed to education and support for our customers. We provide in-service training sessions for all staff and all shift patterns, to help ensure your clinicians achieve best practice when delivering care to patients. In addition, patient advice leaflets and children’s bravery certicates are available on request, to help assist the clinicians in supporting and informing their patients.

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