NIOSH Testing Success for Vygon’s CSTD Qimono

Tests to evaluate the effectiveness of closed system transfer devices in preventing exposure to dangerous chemotherapy drugs, has proven Vygon’s Qimono exceeds the rigorous NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) standards.

The results show Qimono is highly effective in protecting nurses when they deliver systemic anti-cancer therapies to patients as their potential exposure to vapour from the harmful cytotoxic drugs would be minimised.

Two other systems used in the testing failed the protocol and would therefore not be able to protect clinicians as effectively.

“The outcome shows how effective Qimono is, even with the strongest and most dangerous drugs. Demonstrating proof of protection is definitely a question that needs to be asked when evaluating CSTDs and the NIOSH protocol is a very valuable benchmark”, explains James Cunningham, Business Development Manager for Qimono at Vygon UK.

Click here to download the full NIOSH testing protocol and results.

Testing Protocol and Results


Published 24th January 2020

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