SIVAN 2020

SIVAN 2020

SIVAN  2020: Vascular Access: challenges and triumphs in 2020

The 3rd Annual Meeting for The Scottish Intravascular Access Network (SIVAN) was held remotely on 8th October 2020.  The theme of the meeting was to bring practitioners together to learn and to share best practices with the ultimate aim to enhance patient experience and improve outcomes.

2020 has been a challenging year for Healthcare around the world. Vascular access has been at the heart of all efforts and many challenges have been faced but equally many triumphs have been seen.

SIVAN 2020 focused on lessons learned and potential ways forward through these times to enhance practices in vascular access and share the experiences.

We have added the summaries of the presentations from some of our expert speakers at SIVAN 2020 that focused on the lived experience during COVID-19 and how they managed Vascular Access practice in the most demanding of situations.


Sivan 2020 Recap

Sivan 2020

SIVAN 2020: Vascular Access: challenges and triumphs in 2020 recording is now available to watch.

For SIVAN 2020, Vygon (UK) invited a group of speaker to share their experiences of managing the impact of a global pandemic on their individual healthcare services.

Sivan Presentation Summaries

Lizanne Hamilton-Smith

For SIVAN, the patient is always integral to everything we do.

The aim of SIVAN is to create a co-ordinated and standardised approach to improve Vascular Access policies and procedures.  Through the collaboration of members, the proposal is to create working groups whose focus is to identify the infrastructure, stakeholders, and processes that are required to create an effective access network throughout Scotland.


Nicola Wyllie

At #SIVAN2020 Nicola Wyllie, Senior Charge Nurse Vascular Access Service, NHSGGC shared the experiences of the VAS during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nicola outlined key points to consider including areas such as equipment and use of technology, device selection, dressing choice, and education.

To read a summary of Nicola’s presentation, please click the read summary link below:

Emily Ridley

Shared her experiences in developing VA skills for inserting midline catheters both prior to and during COVID-19.

With no vascular access Service at NHS Fife, Emily discussed how upskilling for vascular access insertion of midlines by the nursing team has allowed the Trust to deliver treatment to patients without the need for having to wait for an available spot at Interventional Radiology (IR) or with the Anaesthetist for placement of lines.

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