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Module E-learning Courses

With the ever-changing clinical landscape, we understand that access to educational resources and up-to-date information is vital in supporting both you and your patients with best practices.

Registration is now closed for the return of our RCN accredited interactive e-learning midline Moodle course starting on the 8th of February.

Similarly, registration has now closed for our interactive e-learning PICC Moodle course on the 8th of February.

These interactive courses contain information on all aspects of midline insertion/PICC placement with quizzes, reflections, assignments, and competencies to test your knowledge and increase confidence.

To register your interest in future events please use the forms below, spaces will be limited so early sign up is recommended.


Vygon Midline Moodle Course

Date: TBC

An RCN Accredited CPD e-learning training programme, designed for clinicians who are interested in completing an in-depth midline device insertion course.

Course objectives

Summarise key considerations when selecting the most appropriate vascular access device

Demonstrate an understanding of ultrasound guidance for venous access (if required)

Demonstrate a knowledge of the anatomy and physiology as related to smartmidline or leaderflex insertion

Vygon PICC Moodle Course

Date: TBC

An interactive e-learning training programme designed for clinicians with an interest in increasing their skills and knowledge about the procedure of PICC insertion. It will be of particular interest to clinicians working in roles that involve IV therapy or with vascular access as part of their remit.

This course contains information on all aspects of PICC insertion with quizzes, reflections, and short written assignments to test and increase your knowledge and confidence in PICC insertion.

Course objectives

Demonstrate a knowledge of anatomy and physiology as related to PICC insertion

Identify preferred veins for PICC insertion

Develop skills to safely and correctly insert a PICC

Describe potential complications of PICC insertion, how to recognise them, and interventions should they occur.