Vygon Leading the Way in NHS eProcurement 

During 2017, Vygon began to work closely with the government’s Department of Health and Social Care to pioneer the Scan4Safetyprogramme in hospitals.

Now thanks to a lot of hard work dedicated to this complex scheme by the project team led by Operations Manager John Cusack, significant progress is being made to ensure Scan4Safety is working and eProcurement within the NHS can become a reality.

Highlights include:

Successfully publishing data to the NHS for the company’s class III products so that Trusts can now access Vygon products. This was a hugely important milestone because it demonstrates that the technology works and the important product data is being captured in a barcode
With the help of the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) access point provider Edicom, Vygon has successfully accepted orders from Derby and NHS Supply Chain (NHSSC), and sent invoices back using the PEPPOL network. As a result, on-boarding of other Trusts involved in the pilot programme can begin.
Vygon have made changes to its ERP and Warehouse Management System to ensure they can accept PEPPOL orders and the warehouse can scan different types of barcode.

By using scanning technology as part of the eProcurement process, the aim is that hospitals will become more efficient by saving time and managing stock more effectively. The system will also be used to enhance patient safety and track a patient’s progress in hospital throughout diagnosis and treatment.

“As one of the early adopters, we’ve had the opportunity to be at the forefront of this exciting project,” explained John Cusack.

“The new systems will improve patient safety and supply chain efficiencies; it’s a major change for the NHS in England and the work involved at Trust level is huge.

“The same is true for all suppliers like us. As well as the implementation of new systems, processes and procedures, there is the challenge of understanding the changing landscape of the Scan4Safety project.”

John added: “It’s down to a lot of hard work and dedication that we will be ready to implement eProcurement as soon as Trusts are good to go.”

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Published 20th February 2018