Vygon Introduces Mostcare UP For Accurate Haemodynamic Monitoring

Vygon has introduced MostCare Up to monitor haemodynamic variations in patients in real time.

Compared to other blood flow monitors, the primary benefit of MostCare Up is its ability to measure cardiac output beat by beat.

This means a patient’s condition can be more closely monitored during treatment and any critical changes can be quickly identified and managed.

MostCare Ups superior performance is Based on the patented algorithm PRAM method (Pressure Recording Analytical Method), MostCare Up monitors cardiac output along with many other haemodynamic parameters without prior calibration or pre-determined data.

The result is constant and sensitive monitoring in real time and a heartbeat-by-heartbeat evaluation of arterial pressure.

An accurate assessment of the arterial pressure wave is a complex balance, which depends on the coupling of the cardiac function and the vascular system plus their interaction with the respiratory system. The precise analysis of the shape of the wave provided by MostCare Up removes the need for calibration and pre-estimated data about the patient.

In addition to the systolic, diastolic, mean and pulse pressure of every heartbeat, the Haemodynamic variables analysed in MostCare Up include dicrotic pressure, cardiac output, derived variables comprising systemic vascular resistance, cardiac power output and oxygen delivery as well as cardiac efficiency and other key data.

Simple to set-up, versatile and quick to produce results, MostCare up can be used in theatres and critical care areas, where patients require constant, or occasional, haemodynamic monitoring, during both haemodynamic instability, or the presence of acute clinical variations in high-risk patients.


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Published 10th May 2018

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