Haemodynamic Management

Mostcare Up Haemodynamic Monitor

Mostcare Up is the only cardiac output monitor able to follow, in real time and from beat to beat, even the slightest haemodynamic variations in the patient.

Haemodynamic Management

Arteriosel Arterial Cannulation

Arteriosel is a specialist arterial puncture device to work alongside the Leadercath arterial catheter for easier and more accurate arterial access.  Designed for safe and reliable arterial puncture...

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Haemodynamic Management

Leadercath Arterial Catheter

Leadercath Arterial is a single lumen arterial catheter for safe and reliable arterial puncture using the ‘classic’ Seldinger technique in adult patients requiring short-term therapy. Suitable...

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Haemodynamic Management

Arterial Access
Haemodynamic Monitoring

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