Nutrisafe2 Three-way Stopcock

Three-way stopcock with Nutrisafe 2 connections

Three-way stopcock 2 x male and 1 x female that allows secondary connection when intermittent medication must be given via a Nutrisafe2 feeding tube

Product EAN: 3660812035125
Commercial Code: 580201

About Product

Three-way stopcock with Nutrisafe 2 connections (NON LUER) for safe enteral access of neonates, infants and children.
The female port of the stopcock must be connected to Nutrisafe 2 feeding tubes, and on the 2 male ports various Nutrisafe 2 devices (syringes, extension tubes…) can be connected.
This 3-way stopcock allows secondary connection when medication must be given with food.

UOI Units: Box

UOI: 50

Contains Latex: No

Contains DEHP: No

Pyrogen Free: No

Sterile Medical Device: Yes

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