Expert Umbilical Catheter

Single and double umbilical catheters with antimicrobial technology to fight against CRSBIs. Preterms with expert umbilical catheter had shorter hospital stays and lower case fatality rates.

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Core Product Features

Integrated antimicrobial Agion® technology

Reduces infections

Shorter hospital stay

Lower case fatality rate

About Product

The expert umbilical catheter is the only umbilical catheter with integrated antimicrobial Agion® technology, to fight against CRBSI in NICUs.

Ag+ is bacteriostatic that inhibits the cell reproduction. Ag+ combine with bacterial proteins located in the cell wall and cytoplasm which interferes with their normal functioning.

These proteins are vital for the healthy functioning of the cell therefore loss of the proteins results in the death of the bacteria.

Clinical performances

“A reduction in catheter-related bloodstream infections in preterm infants found from using catheters with the Agion®
antimicrobial system.”(11)

“Preterms with an expert umbilical venous catheter had shorter hospital stays and a lower case fatality rate.”(11)

“There was no case of intolerance to the Agion® catheters and none of these catheters had to be removed due to a local skin infection. In addition, none of the patients in the Agion® catheter group showed signs of silver toxicity.”(11)

Code NHSSC Code Fr Length (cm) Ext. Ø mm Int. Ø mm Flow rate ml/min Prim. vol ml
Single-lumen 008270230 FVP85000 2.5 30 0.8 0.5 2.2 0.1
Single-lumen 008270340 FVP85001 3.5 40 1.2 0.8 12 0.3
Single-lumen 008270440 FVP85003 4 40 1.5 0.8 12 0.3
Single-lumen 008270540 FVP85004 5 40 1.7 1.0 27 0.4
Double-lumen 008272420 FVP85005 4 20 1.5 0.5 13.8 (x2) 0.3 (x2)

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