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Heliosite Low Profile Hybrid Port

Low profile hybrid totally implantable venous access device

6.6Fr Low profile hybrid totally implantable venous access device. Smooth design for minimal fibrotic adherence for easy removal. Compact silicone casing with click & lock connection system.

Vygon Code: N/A

About Product

Heliosite is a range of implantable ports with a catheter allowing access to the central venous system.
Heliosite is supplied in a tray with double packaging containing :

  • a titanium port encased in silicone. The upper part is a silicone membrane, the septum, which is punctured to administer drugs, parenteral nutrition solutions or to take blood samples
  • 1 silicone catheter, detachable (codes 2217.116, 2218.116 and 2219.116) or pre-connected (codes 2217.126, 2218.126 and 2219.126) to the port with graduations every centimetre
  • 1 peel-away Desilet introducer allowing a percutaneous placement of the catheter. The Desilet introducer is made up of a puncture needle with BLS  valve (BloodLess System) to minimise blood loss and the risk of air embolism, a Nitinol J guidewire (particularly kink-resistant), a guide-advancer, a 10 ml syringe, a dilator/sheath assembly
  • 1 tunnellisation needle
  • 1 Inject-site needle 22G (for injection)
  • 1 Hubsite, Huber needle (length : 22 mm) for infusion 20G (except codes 2217.116/126 : Hubsite 22G)
  • 1 catheter guide
  • 1 adapter for pressure transducer
  • 1 female Luer-lock connector to prime the detachable catheter

Advantage of Heliosite ports codes 2217 (Extra-small model), 2218 (small model) and 2219 (medium model) :

  • low profile ports – advantage : aesthetic aspect, comfort of the patient, with flat puncture area, without rim around the sectum (less traumatising for the skin), no cupping effect.
  • less fibrotic effect facilitating the removal of the port.

UOI Units: Singles

UOI: 1

Contains Latex: No

Contains DEHP: No

Pyrogen Free: Yes

Sterile Medical Device: Yes

Manufacturer: Vygon SA

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