Accufuser® Elastomeric Infusion Pump

Accufuser Elastomeric Infusion Pump

Accufuser Elastomeric Pump designed to deliver the safe and accurate delivery of a continuous flow infusions. Suitable for a variety of treatments and therapies, with benefits to both the patient and the hospital trust.

  • Easy to Use for both patient and practitioner
  • Portable for better ambulatory patient care
  • Suitable for longer term infusion treatment
  • Integrated UV protection for improved medication stability
  • Suitable for antibiotic therapies, chemotherapy, and pain management,
  • Available in a range of sizes and flow rates
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Core Product Features

Easy to use

Easily portable

Longer-term infusion treatment

Use for: Antibiotic therapies, chemotherapy, pain management.

Multiple sizes and flow rates

Suitable for in-hospital or outpatient treatment

About Product

Accufuser ® 24 hour fresh filled, immediate use elastomeric pump for simple, safe and accurate drug delivery. Can be used in a hospital setting, or for longer-term outpatient treatment for better ambulatory patient care.

Available in a range of sizes and flow rates and suitable for a variety of treatments and therapies.

Suitability: Accufuser Elastomeric Pump has been designed to deliver a continuous flow of safe and accurate infusions for a variety of treatments and therapies including:

  • Antibiotic infusions
  • Post-operative pain management
  • Cancer pain management
  • Chemotherapy
  • Thalessemia treatment
  • Diuretics treatment


Benefits to both patients and the hospital trust

  • Easy to use for both patient and practitioner
  • Can be used in both hospital settings, or for longer-term outpatient treatment
  • Easily portable and comfortable to wear, with carry bag options for comfortable and discreet therapy.
  • Can be used for outpatient treatment, reducing hospital stays and improved recovery time
  • A crucial element of acute to community patient pathway
  • Potential operational and financial savings for trusts*


Product Features

Other benefits of Accufuser include:

  • Colour coding: Accufuser® is easy to use thanks to the clear colour coding, which indicates flow rates in ml/hr
  • Blue end caps: With an integrated priming filter, or hydrophobic membrane, which allows air to escape but not the medication. This means the pump can be primed without having to remove the end cap, which also reduces the risk of contamination.
  • Magnified integrated scale: Inside the pump a graduated scale is magnified so that you can clearly see the remaining volume left to infuse. Increasing the size of the scale reduces the likelihood of reading errors.
  • Safe Filling Port: The filling port has a check valve to prevent backflow and integrated mesh filters capture particulates.

Our range of products:
To meet patient needs and a wide range of clinical requirements, Accufuser® is available in four different sizes:

  • 60ml
  • 100ml
  • 300ml
  • 600ml

Flow rates range from 0.5ml per hour up to 250ml per hour.

Code information:
Using Accufuser model ‘C0005S’

For example: C: Continuous type 0005: Flow rate of 0.5ml/hr S: Reservoir volume 60ml

UOI Units: Box

UOI: 10

Contains Latex: No

Contains DEHP: No

Sterile Medical Device: Yes

Support Videos

Product Support

Vygon is committed to education and support for our customers. We provide in-service training sessions for all staff and all shift patterns, to help ensure your clinicians achieve best practice when delivering care to patients. In addition, patient advice leaflets and children’s bravery certicates are available on request, to help assist the clinicians in supporting and informing their patients.

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Gemma Oliver, Nurse Consultant in IV care and Senior Surgical Matron, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

"Talking about the Hospital at Home Team’s use of Accufuser. It has made a phenomenal difference to the patients who absolutely love it. We have around 25 patients out at any one time on these regimes. They would otherwise be in hospital so it has had a massive impact on cost, travel and nursing intervention time. "


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