Our NRFit Spinal Needles are Back in Stock

After much anticipation, the popular neurafit™ spinal needle is back in stock.

Why use neurafit™?

Vygon spinal needles are renowned for their safety and reliability.

Based on user feedback:

  • Very sturdy; no buckling
  • No loss of flashback
  • Good aspiration
  • No repositioning needed

Download the Vygon neurafit™ codes:

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Neurafit™ NRFit spinal needles

NeuraFit™ is a NRFit® spinal needle made to be sturdy and exceptionally strong from premium-quality steel, neurafit™ is available with two different needle designs to meet specific clinical needs. The device delivers a host of safety benefits and efficiency features.

Published 16th October 2023