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Product Guides & Patient Guides for Enteral Devices from Vygon UK


Discover our range of brochures and guides for our enteral and gastrostomy range for clinicians and patients. Below you will find a selection of literature related to our enteral products ready to view and download to your device.


Here at Vygon, we are working towards a greener future, and this includes reducing our paper waste and encouraging the use of digital options.


By making this move, we can guarantee you will be looking at the latest version of our guides but if you would prefer a printed copy, please get in touch with us on the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will arrange to send one to you.


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The MIC-KEY Advantage

Discover the full range of MIC-KEY products from Vygon UK, our specialist range for enteral feeding.

Patients & Nurses Guide

This booklet has information for our MIC-KEY range of enteral feeding devices, specially written and produced for patients and nurses to improve care.

Troubleshooting for Gastrostomy Tubes

For clinicians and patients using gastrostomy tubes to help identify and resolve common issues with gastrostomy tube placement.

MIC-KEY Button Patient Care Guide

Patient guide for patients, parents and carers for those with a MIC-KEY Button.

MIC & MIC-KEY GJ User Guide

This booklet provides a useful guide to the care and use of the MIC and MIC-KEY Gastro-Jejunal Feeding Tubes.

MIC Surgical Jej User Guide

This booklet is for the care and use of the MIC Surgical Jejunostomy Feeding Tube.

MIC & MIC-KEY Transgastric Jejunal

This booklet provides information on the care and use of the MIC & MIC-KEY Transgastric Jejunal Feeding Tubes.

MIC Inserted Balloon Patient Guide

Patient guide for patients, parents and carers for those with a MIC endoscopically or radiologically inserted balloon gastrostomy.

Gastrostomy Site Care

A selection of commonly experienced issues with gastrostomy sites, and how to care for them.

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Patient Resources for Tube Feeding

A comprehensive guide to tube feeding for patients and parents from our partners at Avanos.


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Gastronomy Study Days

Find out more and register your interest for our Clinician Gastronomy Study Days from Vygon UK.

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