Video: Parents Response to BLENDS Project

Video: Parents Response to The BLENDS Project

picture of Gareth Birkett

Gareth Birkett

Using blended diet for 6+ years. Founder and Director of Wilbo’s Blends. The lived experience of being a Dad to a medically complex child like has given Gareth a perspective that can only been developed through experience. Turning that experience into application is at the core to helping other people in a similar situation through Wilbo’s Blends.


picture of Lesley Rodgers

Lesley Rodgers

Mother of daughter using blended diet for over 13 years, and has a wealth of experience with using blended diet.





Products Supporting Blended Diet



A new enteral feeding pump.

Enteral Feeding Bags

EasyMoov6 Feeding Bags

A range of bags for enteral feeding.

MIC Button

MIC-KEY Feeding Tubes

Supporting with blended diets.

Support & Resources

Request BLENDS Study

Request a copy of the Food for Feeding Tubes: a BLended ENteral Diet Study (BLENDS).

Download BLENDS Resource

Download your copy of the Food for Feeding Tubes: a BLended ENteral Diet Study (BLENDS) parent resource.

Visit BLENDS Website

In partnership with The University of Nottingham, visit our website to learn more about the Blends Project.

Read more about BLENDS

This article explores the benefits and ways to incorporated blended diets into your routine.