Introducing Surfcath™

Vygon are excited to introduce Surfcath™ a unique catheter used to deliver surfactant to preterm babies with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS), a leading cause of death in premature infants.

Our new Surfcath™ catheter uses the LISA method and has been specifically designed with consultants in mind to improve manoeuvrability during the placement of the medical device, whilst eliminating the need for the commonly used Magill forceps. Key features include:

  • Soft curved distal tip – Gently follows the airway anatomy to minimise tracheal lesions
  • 20-centimetres long – Eases manipulation of the surfactant syringe away from the patient head
  • Transparent – Allows visual check of surfactant delivery
  • Semi-rigid and bendable – No need for Magill forceps and allows physician to bend prior to use

Available in a 6Fr size and suitable for all neonates, this will ensure smoother application and lower risk of injuries in premature babies.

RDS is a breathing disorder resulting from surfactant deficiency and underdeveloped lungs, primarily occurring in preterm babies. In Europe, RDS is reported in about 90% of babies born at 24 weeks and 80 per cent of babies born at 28 weeks. A significant part of RDS treatment is surfactant administration. The current preferred method for surfactant administration is the LISA method, using a thin catheter inserted through the vocal cords in order to avoid unnecessary intubation. This can be performed in a number of ways, which commonly require the use of Magill forceps, a bulky device that is not easy to use and could lead to injuries in the mucosa. The special design of the new Surfcath device now enables healthcare professionals to insert it without the need for these forceps.

“Premature neonates are at increased risk of a number of conditions, including Respiratory Distress Syndrome, a serious danger in the first few weeks of their lives. At Vygon we develop bespoke single-use medical devices for patients, including the tiniest, and strive to decrease the risks of injuries or discomfort during procedures while using our devices. We are proud of our latest innovation, Surfcath™, co-invented with Dr Kribs from the University Hospital of Cologne (Uniklinik Köln, Germany). This catheter could considerably improve the preemies care, right after birth.”

François Rochiccioli, Business Unit ONE Vice President

Published 1st October 2019

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