Quality Assurance

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At Vygon, we Value Life through striving to provide unmatchable quality with our products. We are constantly developing our products to improve use and performance, whilst ensuring that they match the needs of both you and your patients.

Quality Systems

We have established, documented, and implemented a process-based quality management system which helps us to meet customer expectations by continuously improving everything we do. We use a range of ongoing checks and reviews to ensure that our quality management system continues to deliver improvements and benefits for our customers. 

  • Internal audits: we regularly audit our processes to ensure compliance with quality standards, as well as seeking opportunities to improve 
  • Corrective and preventive action (CAPA): as part of our quality management system, we carry out root cause investigations of any process issues, followed by corrective action to resolve them and prevent the problem recurring 
  • Management review: we undertake a thorough management review with our Senior Leadership Team 
  • Customer complaints: we manage customer complaints related to the quality and safety of our products. We review, evaluate, investigate and take corrective and preventive actions where necessary. 


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