Meet the Senior Leadership Team

The responsibility for setting and delivering Vygon’s business strategy lies with the company’s Senior Leadership Team. As highly experienced experts in their individual specialities, they work together to plan the future direction of the company based on commercial priorities as well as a retrospective evaluation of Business Unit and departmental performance.

Collectively the team helps to define the company’s mission, vision and values around the needs and wishes of our customers. By bringing together expertise in sales, finance, marketing, technology, regulatory affairs, customer service and logistics, the SLT represents every aspect of Vygon’s business operations.

Our Business Units

Our dedicated business units therapy areas have been created to provide an agile service so that you have the right level of support from teams that are specialists in their field, and of course, that ever-important quick turnaround to customer enquiries.

At Vygon, we are passionate about patient care and we are driven to providing high quality products with a service to match. We’re committed to:

  • Giving patients the best possible outcomes
  • Enabling clinicians to deliver optimal care
  • Offering solutions to meet all of your needs
  • Providing a service that our employees are proud of.

Critical Care (CC)

Our promise to you

In Critical Care, we Value Life through developing the essential devices needed for your high risk patients, with solutions that provide both crucial and safe care.

From monitoring and critical access, to infection prevention and safety, we provide critical care solutions for when your patients need it most.

Intravascular Therapies (IVT)

Our promise to you

In Intravascular Therapies, we Value Life by providing range of long term vascular access devices (VADs) to meet your patients’ needs, enabling you to offer your patients ‘the right line for the right patient at the right time.’ We also offer the extended support from our Clinical Nurse Advisors who can provide education and clinical competency sign off in the skills required to place our range of VADs.

From a range of midlines and PICCs, to ECG monitoring devices and portable infusion pumps, as well as our complete closed system for chemotherapy delivery, we offer integrated healthcare solutions for best clinical practice and improved clinical outcomes.


Obstetrics, Neonatology & Enteral (ONE)

Our promise to you

In Obstetrics, Neonatology & Enteral, we Value Life by providing solutions and products to help you deliver a first-rate experience for even your tiniest patients.

From our MIC-KEY* Advantage proposition for enteral feeding solutions, to our neonatal range of catheters and PICCs, we offer a service that is supported by clinical evidence and engaging education.

Pain & Airway Management (PAM)

Our promise to you

In Pain & Airway Management, we Value Life by providing products for urgent respiratory care, as well as acute and chronic pain relief.

From regional anaesthesia packs and spinal needles, to critical devices for respiratory care, we offer solutions to enable you and your team to provide the best possible outcome for your patients.

Vygon Vet

Vygon Vet – Veterinary Supplies is a division of Vygon (UK) Ltd, and a leading supplier of single-use veterinary consumables with over 20 years of experience.

We have a reputation for delivering high quality products and excellence in customer service, helping veterinary professionals offer best practice solutions to their patients.