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Short Peripheral Cannulae

Short peripheral cannulae

Vygon offers a complete range of short-term IV access devices, designed for use in patients whose therapy is expected to last for less than 30 days.These include Biovalve IV cannulae for access up to three days, and the Leaderflex cannula for access up to 30 days. For patients expected to require longer-term therapy please consider using products from our Midline and PICC ranges instead.

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Biovalve Safe
Biovalve Safe

Biovalve Safe is the ported peripheral IV safety cannula from Vygon, specifically designed to protect healthcare workers from needle-stick injuries. We have studied the safety cannula market to ensure that Biovalve Safe meets user and patient requirements. This process has meant that Biovalve Safe compares favourably to non-safety cannulae in terms of its handling characteristics.

  • Versatile clinical use
  • Passive safety mechanism
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Instant confirmation of venepuncture

Radiopaque polyurethane IV catheter with 4.5cm integral extension line, and a winged hub for skin fixation. 

  • One-piece catheter construction
  • Flexible guidewire
  • Integral extension
Short peripheral cannulae

Vygon can offer you a range of support to complement the Vygon products you use.

Each customer has the support of their Sales Executive, Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Manager, Business Development Manager and Customer Service Associate to ensure all your needs and expectations are met.

Product support is also provided in the following ways:



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Leaderflex Care Guide

Leaderflex Care Guide

Leaderflex polyurethane
peripheral catheter, which has an integral extension
and a clamp. This should provide a comfortable and
easy way of delivering your treatment.
Leaderflex is available in four different lengths, and
can be used for infusions of fluids or drugs, and for
single drug doses (a bolus). The shorter lengths (4,
6 or 8cm) can be left in place for 1-2 weeks, and the
longer catheter (20cm) can be left in place for up to
30 days.

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Biovalve Safe

Biovalve Safe

Short peripheral cannulae

We can offer our customers a number of training methods for the range of Biovalve and Leaderflex products. This includes:


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