COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Support

In Intravascular Therapies, we Value Life by providing short, medium and long term vascular access devices (VADs) to meet your patients’ needs, enabling you to offer ‘the right line for the right patient at the right time.’

From a range of midlines and PICCs, to ECG tip location system and portable elastomeric infusion pumps, as well as our complete closed system for chemotherapy delivery, we offer integrated healthcare solutions for best clinical practice and improved clinical outcomes.

COVID-19 Support

An information sharing page referencing patient management in terms of Vascular Access. This information comes from domestic and international clinicians, hospitals and agencies designed to share protocols and practise.


Acute to Community

Receiving care and treatment in a community setting when applicable has reported clinical benefits for the patient and operational benefits in the acute setting. What can make this work?


Support Packs

A collection of relevant information necessary to support the journey from acute to community.

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