FreeO2 automated oxygen therapy

FreeO2: Automated oxygen titration & weaning

The FreeO2 Automated Oxygen Therapy Device provides oxygen therapy on demand. Based on continuous, non-invasive monitoring of oxygen saturation.

FreeO2 is intended to deliver a titrated (self-adjusting) flow of oxygen to maintain the patients within predetermined oxygen saturation levels, as set by the user and monitored by the system via an oximeter.

  • Suitable for acute and chronic patients needing oxygen therapy
  • Improved treatment efficiency and patient comfort and safety
  • Preventing complications related to hypoxia or hyperoxia
  • Reduced costs through shorter hospital stays


Core Product Features

Automated oxygen titration & weaning

Suitable for adult and paediatric use

Suitable for acute and chronic patients

Reduce manual intervention for oxygen therapy

Reduce complications of hypoxia and hyperoxia

Improved oxygen therapy, shorter hospital stays

About Product

Automated Oxygen Titration and Weaning

FreeO2 is a ground-breaking oxygen level monitor for clinical use. FreeO2 monitors patient oxygen saturation levels, then automatically adjusts flow rates and delivery to maintain target oxygenation (SpO2). By maximising the time spent at optimal oxygen levels, FreeO2 reduces the risk of complications relating to hypoxia and hyperoxia.


Suitable for Adults and Paediatric Use and in a range of hospital settings

FreeO2 can be used on all patients, regardless of patient age (infant, child, or adult), or their oxygen needs and response times. FreeO2 will automatically adjust the oxygen flow rate to maintain target oxygenation set by the clinician.

Free02 can be used trust-wide and in a range of hospital departments and within patient treatments, including bedside care, ambulatory patient care and patients undertaking exercise endurance testing.

Clear benefits to patients and Trusts

In traditional hospital settings, a healthcare professional must manually check SpO2, then adjust flow rates accordingly.

FreeO2 automates this process, saving valuable time and workload of healthcare staff, greater compliance with clinical protocols, and limits complications from hypoxia and hyperoxia.

FreeO2 operates on a closed loop and continuously adjusts the flow rate administered between 0 and 20l/min (with or without humidification) based on blood oxygen saturation (SpO2).

  • Safer, more effective, more efficient
  • Reduce the risk of clinical complications of hypoxia and hyperoxia
  • Easy to use, lightweight, portable, with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Keep up to 72 hours of recorded patient data
  • Reduced costs through shorter hospital stays


Oxygen Delivery & Management for COPD Patients

In a study of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) patients undergoing walking endurance exercise, the use of FreeO2 resulted in more effective oxygenation and an effort endurance time significantly greater than that of the control group. Even when FeeO2 delivered higher oxygen flow rates no cases of hypercapnia occurred, as target SpO2 adjustments prevented the onset of hyperoxia. (2)

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