Vygon pays tribute to the UK’s Tiny Fighters

We are thrilled to join the global community in celebrating World Prematurity Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness and advocating for the health and well-being of premature babies and their families. At Vygon, we believe in the importance of supporting this cause and making a positive impact on the lives of these tiny fighters and their loved ones.

World Prematurity Day reminds us of the challenges faced by premature babies, their families, and the healthcare professionals who provide critical care and support during this delicate time. These infants often arrive into the world earlier than expected, requiring extra care, attention, and specialised medical treatment. It’s a journey filled with uncertainties, but one where hope and resilience shine brightly.

As a company, we are proud to play our part in improving the lives of premature babies and their families. We have been actively involved in supporting organisations and initiatives dedicated to the well-being of premature infants. Whether it’s through donations, raising awareness, or the development of innovative products and technologies that aid in their care, we are committed to making a positive difference.

In advance of the day, we launched a campaign inviting parents and caregivers to participate by encouraging the sharing of preterm pictures via email or on social media, and for every photo submitted we pledged a donation to "Tiny But Mighty," a local charity dedicated to supporting parents of preterm babies during their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit stay.*


In addition to this campaign, we held an event to raise awareness internally, highlighting the importance of the day and Vygon’s role in a NICU. This event also served as a platform for newer staff members to learn more about our Neonatal product range, specifically designed to improving the outcomes of these tiny fighters.

We were privileged to have the founder of Tiny But Mighty share her personal journey as a parent of a premature baby. Her experience led to the establishment of the charity, dedicated to supporting parents facing similar circumstances. Our staff appreciated the firsthand insights into the charity's mission and the meaningful impact of the care packages provided to parents.


“Coming in today has been overwhelming but in a really positive way. The opportunity to talk to staff who are involved in manufacturing and delivering of these amazing products has been inspiring and I hope my visit today has inspired them as well. Having a company like Vygon support us is a huge milestone to be recognised for the work that we do. Thank you to everyone involved”

Chloe Kirwan, Founder of Tiny But Mighty.

Our employees were appreciative of the day and the opportunity to connect with the supported charity on a personal level. This gratitude was expressed by a member of the team who stated,

"Events like today drive the meaning behind the 'why we do what we do' as a company, and I'm glad Vygon is able to help such an excellent example of a charity."

Combining the success of the events held on World Prematurity Day with the pictures submitted as part of our campaign, Vygon is thrilled to announce a donation of £600 to Tiny But Mighty. This contribution will further support the charity's mission in assisting parents and caregivers during their NICU journey.

Vygon remains dedicated to its mission of making a positive difference in the lives of premature babies and their families and will continue to actively contribute to initiatives that support their health and well-being.


*During October 2023 we launched a campaign empowering parents and carers to share their preterm pictures via email or on social media, and for every photo submitted, Vygon pledged to make a donation to Tiny but Mighty

A simple yet impactful way to show your support and contribute to a cause that means so much to us. By sharing your preterm pictures, you are helping us raise awareness about prematurity and provide essential assistance to families going through this challenging journey.

Campaign date ended 17th November 2023

Published 8th November 2023