The Patient Story: Living with a vascular access device

The Patient Story: Living with a vascular access device

December 2019


A recent study was published in the BJN by Linda J Kelly, MSc, BSc on ‘Health professionals’ lack of knowledge of central venous access devices: the impact on patients.

The literature on the patient experience of living with a central venous access device (CVAD) is growing, but remains sparse. It suggests that patients accept having a CVAD as it should reduce episodes of repeated cannulations. However, a recent doctoral study found the reality did not live up to this hope.

The study objective was to uncover the global, cross-disease experience of patients with CVADs.

An online survey was sent to an international sample of people living with CVADs.

74 people from eight countries responded. Respondents corroborated the PhD findings: painful cannulation attempts continued after CVAD insertion because of a lack of clinical knowledge. Participants lost trust in clinicians and feared complications due to poor practice.

Clinicians often lack the necessary skills to care and maintain CVADs. This leads to a negative patient experience.


Download the paper here

Published 2nd December 2019