Needle Free Connectors


Vadsite is the only clear, split-septum needle-free connector in the UK to combine a fixed, straight fluid pathway with glass syringe compatibility. Designed to meet global opinion leaders’ reco...

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Needle Free Connectors

Bionector TKO®

Bionector TKO® Combines the market-leading needle-free device with a valve that quite simply stops catheter tip reflux, making catheter occlusion a thing of the past

Needle Free Connectors

Bionector Needle Free Connector

Bionector is a multi-purpose needle-free connector used for blood sampling, intermittent injections or continuous infusions of fluids or drugs. This market-leading design allows for quick access to t...

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Needle Free Connectors

Bi-directional Valve
Disinfecting Caps
Negative Displacement
Neutral Displacement

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