Seal One®

Seal One® Radial Compression Device

The Seal One radial compression device is used to compress the radial puncture site following coronary angiography and angioplasty procedures.

Vygon Code: VPE0259NA

Core Product Features

Patient safety is a key consideration when using a compression device. Seal One combines a secured button to limit the risk of unintended decompression and a wristband with a safety tab to prevent unexcepted removal by the patient.

Seal One is an all-in-one system. No syringe is needed for compression and decompression. The wristband is adjustable to most wrists. For small wrists (perimeter ≤ 16 cm) or if the puncture point is off-centre, the adapter pad delivered with Seal One can be used. Seal One is suitable for both left and right-handed people.

It has been shown that using Seal One, compression time is short (1).

About Product

The Seal One radial compression device offers the below features:

  • HIGH VISIBILITY OF THE PUNCTURE SITE: Transparent compression pad with central marker on compression pad
  • TARGETING THE RADIAL ARTERY: Specific design of the compression pad only compresses the artery and does not affect venous return (1)
  • PRECISE ADJUSTMENT AND CONTROL OF COMPRESSION LEVEL: Compression / decompression dial with scale
  • SECURED & PRECISE DECOMPRESSION: The secured button provides a limited risk of unintended decompression. Decompression/compression dial with scale and step-by-step decompression
  • EASIER MONITORING OF DECOMPRESSION PROTOCOL: The display of Seal One showcases positioning time
  • SIMPLIFIED HANDLING: No syringe is required for compression and decompression
  • EASY STOCK MANAGEMENT: Suitable for right or left wrist with an adjustable wristband (adapter pad for small wrists circumference ≤ 16 cm supplied with Seal One)


(1) Jirouš S et al_Patent haemostasis and comparison of two compression devices after transradial coronary catheterization and intervention. Cor et Vasa. 2018; Volume 60, Issue 2: Pages e122-e126

UOI Units: Box

UOI: 30

Contains Latex: No

Pyrogen Free: No

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