Multicath 2 Expert

Multicath Expert is a double lumen radiopaque polyurethane antimicrobial catheter

7.5g x 16cm Multicath Expert is a double lumen radiopaque polyurethane antimicrobial catheter with complete kit.

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About Product

Multicath Expert is the expert silver ion impregnated catheter. It possesses benefits such as:
• Pressure-rated
• Long-lasting; effective up to 30 days
• Atraumatic tip meaning its soft, flexible design allows smooth transition over the guidewire whilst reducing the potential for internal vessel trauma.
• Anti-kink teflon coated guidewire
• Multistar antibiotic technology; releases rifampicin and miconazole on both inner and outer surfaces at a slow, steady rate.

The user has the choice of 2 types of introducer : 1 introducer needle or 1 PTFE short I.V. cannula.

Presented in a rigid blister with label for traceability containing:
– 1 totally radiopaque 2 lumen catheter with extension tubes fitted with a clamp with centimetric graduations from 9cm from the distal tip,
– 1 puncture needle, length 70mm, 18G, Ø 1.26mm,
– 1 short I.V. catheter, length 70mm, 18G,
– 1 graduated “J” guidewire with thumbfeed type guidewire advancer, Ø 0.88mm – Long. 60cm,
– 1 dilator, length 100mm, 8.5Fr,
– 1 5ml syringe,
– 1 scalpel,
– 1 secondary fixation wings,
– 2 stoppers with membrane.

Expert / AgION™ catheters are available as single lumen (code 8128), double lumen (code 8157), triple lumen (code 8155), 4 lumen (code 8158) and 5 lumen catheters (code 8159).

Multicath Expert and Multicath Expert Safe ranges are now High Pressure rated as standard. The latest version of Multicath Expert is assembled with a distal line marked “max 150 psi / 10 bar” to deliver a flow rate of 5ml/s.

UOI Units: Box

UOI: 5

Contains Latex: No

Contains DEHP: No

Pyrogen Free: Yes

Sterile Medical Device: Yes

Product Support

Vygon is committed to education and support for our customers. We provide in-service training sessions for all staff and all shift patterns, to help ensure your clinicians achieve best practice when delivering care to patients. In addition, patient advice leaflets and children’s bravery certicates are available on request, to help assist the clinicians in supporting and informing their patients.

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