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Freedom 5 PCA Device

0.5ml, 5min single-use mechanical device for patient-controlled analgesia

0.5ml, 5min single-use mechanical device for patient-controlled analgesia

Product EAN: 3660812020770
Vygon Code: 7301.05

About Product

Single-use mechanical device for patient-controlled analgesia.
Freedom 5 has been specially designed for pain management in the Accident and Emergency department or in the recovery room for the treatment of post-operative pain. This product is also indicated for pain treatment of patients suffering from sickle cell disease.
It can be easily set-up by healthcare personnel and is extremely simple for the patient to use: if he feels pain, all he has to do is press the lever. Freedom 5 allows the patient to self-administer a pre-set quantity of intravenous morphine equivalent to:
– 0.5 ml for model 7301.05. The lock-out for bolus reconstitution is 5 minutes.
– 1 ml for models 7301.12 and 7301.10. The lock-out for bolus reconstitution is 7 minutes.
NB: As the bolus reservoir is under negative pressure downloading is not possible.

UOI Units: Pack

UOI: 20

Contains Latex: No

Contains DEHP: No

Pyrogen Free: Yes

Sterile Medical Device: Yes

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