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250 -300 word intro to the Spinal range, could include an animation to the right.


Spinal Needles

Short Spinal range intro to what info is available below


Product info

This is a link to the range of spinal products, any info added to this hub will need to be added to the specific product pages. so that the customer has multiple ways to find the info without haveing to go back etc.


Technical info

My thought is that this would go to a form with a drop-down to select a product, provide contact details then when submitted it would create a lead in SuperOffice under a website pain management project.


Service info

Similar to the Technical info, this would also be a form that creates a a slightly different lead in SuperOffice that the SEs would pick up, although it might be good to have a page dedicated to the SLA and service offering just for Spinal pain management that the form can live on?

Spinal needle videos

This can be product demos, pre-recorded webinars or events, animations around pain management, etc.

Care and Maintenance of PICC & Midlines

This care and maintenance video is a demonstration of how to flush and dress a midline or PICC.

Leaderflex & Smartmidline Insertion

In this film we demonstrate how to insert a Smartmidline, or Leaderflex, catheter using ultrasound guidance.

Leaderflex & Smartmidline Insertion

This is a demonstration of how to insert a Leaderflex or Smartmidline without the use of ultrasound guidance (using a vein board).


All product literature, posters, evaluation forms etc, but to download you must complete a form, as discussed.

Case Studies/clinical papers

For more information please contact us

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