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Products' Overview

Our Products

Our product ranges extend across many therapeutic specialties, including vascular access, regional anaesthesia, IV management, neonatology and enteral feeding. We offer innovative ranges of products specifically designed to minimise risk and infection, and to improve healthcare practice.

Our company strategy is to offer healthcare professionals efficient and innovative single-use medical products that fulfil their needs. We also have a reputation for providing high quality competitively priced products, which enable our customers to offer best practice solutions to their patients.

Our sales, marketing and research & development teams work closely with our customers, listening to their needs, to bring creative and imaginative solutions to patient care. This high quality and responsive service compliments the proximity of production and research. In order to ensure we maintain an established quality level within our products, many of our plants are still located in Europe and in the USA.

Vygon products meet ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards as well as the environmental ISO standard 14001

To request a copy of our product catalogue, please contact us.

How can I order?

You can order direct from Vygon (UK) Ltd, through NHS Supply Chain, or a number of third party distributors.


Contact our Customer Service team on 01793 748800  for more information.


Direct orders can also be placed using our E-commerce system.


Contact our E-commerce team on 01793 748800 for further details.


We can provide a number of different delivery options to suit your needs.

Contact our Customer Service team on 01793 748800 for more information.