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Arterial Catheters

Arterial catheters

To complete our vascular access product ranges we offer a number of arterial catheters, both as individual catheters, and as part of standard and customised packs.

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ArterioSel provides a classic Seldinger technique for arterial cannulation with minimal blood loss and clear visualisation of arterial access.

  • Funnelled hub
  • Blood control valve
  • Visualisation chamber
  • Rotating chamber
Arterial Pack
Arterial Pack

A standard pack, containing everything you need for radial arterial catheter placement while maintaining maximum sterile barrier precautions. The pack includes: a Leaderflex Arterial catheter; 20G introducer needle; guidewire; 2.5ml and 5ml Luer-slip syringes; a hypodermic needle; swabs and a dressing; ChloraPrep® Frepp; and an arterial peelable patient drape.

  • Red catheter hub for easy identification as an arterial line
  • ChloraPrep® Frepp 1.5ml for skin preparation
  • Peelable patient drape for maximum sterile barrier precautions

Radiopaque polyurethane IV catheter with winged hub to aid fixation. Supplied with an introducer and a straight guidewire with flexible tip.

  • Radiopaque catheter
  • Metal guidewire with flexible tip
  • Integral wings for easy hub fixation
Leadercath Arterial
Leadercath Arterial

A polyethylene catheter with a red hub for easy identification as an arterial line. Supplied with an introducer needle and guidewire for placement using the classic Seldinger technique.

  • Seldinger insertion
  • Anti-kink collar
  • Winged red hub for secure fixation and easy identification as an arterial line
  • Available as part of a customised pack
Arterial catheters

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Arterial catheters

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