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Passive Disinfection Port Protector 

Posted by Vygon UK  on 10-April-2018 
Passive Disinfection Port Protector

A recent hospital study looked at whether the use of passive disinfection port protectors could help to reduce CRBSIs. Results are detailed below:

Passive Disinfection Port Protector: Effect on the Reduction of Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections[1]

  • In a quasi-experimental study, the rate of CRBSIs was examined. A group of 764 in-patients with a CVAD in place were introduced to Curos disinfecting caps while using a needle-free IV access system. This represented 18,606 catheter days.The CRBSI rate for this group was compared with the rate prior to the Curos disinfecting cap introduction (when a passive hub disinfection by 2% of chlorhexidine and 70% isopropyl was used).


  • For pre-Curos disinfecting cap, the CRBSI rate ranged from 0.00 to 9.71 per 1,000 catheter days (mean 3.80). For Curos disinfecting cap, the CRBSI rate was 0.00-1.74 per 1,000 catheter days (mean 0.23), which means there was a 94% decrease in infection rate after the implementation of Curos disinfecting caps.


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[1] Gavacelt Conference 2015 Poster Presentation, Milan, Italy: Roy Ventura, RN, IV Access Specialist Nurse Aintree University NHS Trust,

Liverpool, U.K.


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