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Meet Vygon's New Head of Business Development 

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 28-January-2016 
Meet Vygon

Ensuring Vygon’s business needs are being identified and developed throughout the UK is a challenge now being taken on by one of the company’s key managers, Caroline Redmond.

Caroline, who joined the medical supplies company in 1998, has recently taken on the newly-created position of Head of Business Development, reporting directly to Vygon MD Les Davies.

The main feature of her new role is to plan, lead and develop staff, ensuring they are fully supported and ready to meet the needs of the business, its products, and clients in the future.

As Head of Business Development Caroline is responsible for the Business Development team, the veterinary business staff, the Homecare division as well as overseeing Vygon’s non-promoted products and liaising with customers, clients, agents and business partners.

Caroline said: “This role is about making sure that as a business we have the right strategies, staff support, training and back-up in place, in conjunction with client liaison, communication and monitoring to assess and meet the demands of the UK market in the future.

“By taking a longer-term view and planning ahead we can, as a team, put the right strategies in place and develop the right products and marketing to meet the needs of both our clients and the wider healthcare market.

“Listening to and liaising with patient support groups, key opinion leaders and healthcare organisations helps us to identify and monitor significant developments and establish need and that too is an important part of this role.”

Caroline began her career with Vygon in 1998 as a Sales Executive in South West London and three years later became a Regional Sales Manager. In 2005 she moved to Vygon’s Swindon HQ and was promoted to UK Sales Support Manager, then Commercial Manager.

For the past two years Caroline has been UK Commercial Manager with a team of 14 and has worked with MD Les Davies to review Vygon’s business performance, amend strategies and direct sales focus.

Les said: “Caroline has an in-depth knowledge of Vygon, its staff, products, commercial strategies and business planning which makes her the perfect candidate for this newly-created position.

“It is imperative that as a business we forward plan and that means developing both our staff and our products for the future market. Caroline has amassed a wealth of experience over the past 18 years of working with Vygon and I’m delighted she has taken on this latest challenge of heading up Business Development.

“As an employer we pride ourselves on developing our staff and providing new career opportunities and Caroline is a prime example of how this works in practice.”

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