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New Online Resource to Support Patients Receiving Homecare 

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 20-November-2015 
New Online Resource to Support Patients Receiving Homecare

A new website providing vital product information to patients receiving care at home has just been launched by Vygon.

This site - www.vygonhomecare.co.uk - is an online resource specifically aimed at patients who are recovering from illness and operations or living with a medical condition and receiving professional healthcare at home.

Community nurses and practitioners can also use the website to order Vygon products for their patients, saving hospital administration and collection time.

The website is part of Vygon’s Homecare Division that was launched in 2014 to provide best practice and deliver care solutions direct to patients in their own homes. Its Manager Brett Hughes said: “Statistics show that increasing numbers of patients up and down the country are leaving hospital but still require ongoing or post-operative care and support.

Our product knowledge, experience and training, supported by a reliable, tried and tested supply network means we are well-placed to help in the homecare sector.

With our expertise we are confident we can offer healthcare professionals working in the community and the patients themselves the right products to fit the needs and challenges faced in the domestic environment.

Vygon has been supplying the UK healthcare market for more than 40 years and offers high levels of customer service and delivery. The new website enables us to directly support practitioners and Trusts providing homecare.

The new online service currently offers a number of products including Curos Port Protectors – an item used by patients receiving intravenous treatment at home. Curos is a simple and effective cleaning device that offers thorough disinfection and protection of a patient’s needle-free device for up to seven days. The port protectors come in boxes of 30 and can be purchased via the website from Vygon’s partner Your Life at Home.

Other items available include BathGuard, a waterproof covering for the arm that keeps treatment areas clean and dry while patients shower or bathe. It helps prevent infection around surgical dressings, casts, braces, intravenous entry points, Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICCs), prostheses and splints.

The website also gives information on VENE-K, a single-use, disposable tourniquet. Reusable tourniquets are used regularly by healthcare professionals who visit patients at home and traditionally used the same tourniquet on many patients – but these have been shown to harbour contamination, including MRSA.

Made from soft silicone, VENE-K is disposable so is used only once on just one patient and avoids the risk of cross-contamination. VENE-K is available to healthcare professionals and caregivers through health supplies company Careshop.

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