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New website up and pumping! 

Posted by   on 04-November-2015 
New website up and pumping!

A new Vygon website dedicated to the latest in infusion technology is now up and pumping!

The website – www.vygonpumps.co.uk - gives clear information on our new range of aitecs® syringe and large volumetric pumps including how they work and their benefits to staff and patients.

The aitecs 2017 Syringe Driver and the aitecs 3017 Large Volumetric Pump operate through an infusion platform to provide excellent connectivity, flexibility and reliability, complete with in-built safety mechanisms and easy-to-operate InfuGard™ software.

Vygon’s Pump Business Manager Helen Stephens, said: “Having worked in critical care I know the needs of every Trust are different. At Vygon we have the flexibility to offer customers bespoke infusion technology products to enhance their overall efficiency, improve patient safety, prevent errors and support the staff.

“The pumps products from Vygon make us a complete solution provider for all intravenous therapy needs and hospitals can also benefit hugely from our on-site training and ongoing support that we provide as part of our service.”

For more details about the latest infusion technology now available from Vygon visit www.vygonpumps.co.uk

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