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Vygon’s New Business Managers Proud To Offer A Bespoke Service With Quality Products 

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 07-October-2015 
Vygon’s New Business Managers Proud To Offer A Bespoke Service With Quality Products

Two new Business Managers have joined Vygon (UK) Ltd this summer covering four specialist areas – PICCs, Midlines and Regional Anaesthesia, and Infusion Technology.

Helen Stephens is Vygon’s new UK Pump Business Manager and is working with hospitals around the country to introduce a new aitecs Infusion platform which includes syringe and large volumetric pumps.

John Thomson is the company’s new Business Development Manager with responsibility for PICCs, Midlines and Regional Anaesthesia across the UK.

Both Helen and John come with a wealth of experience in their specialist fields. Helen was a Matron for the Critical Care Directorate at the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, before specialising in IV therapy and medication training. She then moved into business management in the commercial sector working with healthcare providers to find bespoke cost efficient solutions.

John qualified as a nurse in 1997 and worked at a Bristol hospital, but has spent the last 14 years in various commercial roles liaising and consulting with health practitioners, medical staff, clinicians, hospitals and patients themselves.

Helen, a mother of two from Hampshire is already working closely with medical staff at the West Middlesex Hospital that is the first to evaluate and utilise the aitecs infusion platform.

Helen  said: “I have worked in critical care and specialised in IV therapy for many years now so this was a perfect opportunity to work with and support hospitals who need a bespoke IV service that is right for the needs of their staff and patients.

“I know that the needs of every Trust and service are different and my initial job is to listen. I still approach any situation from a clinical perspective. Working for Vygon means I now have the flexibility to offer customers bespoke products and services which can enhance their overall efficiency, improve patient safety, prevent errors and support the staff.

“Launching this new infusion technology is a very exciting and rewarding role and is one that really can make a difference to those using it and those benefitting from it.”

John who is married with two children from Gloucestershire, is also working with hospitals up and down the country in his field of expertise – PICCs, Midlines and Regional Anaesthesia.

He said: “Vygon has a very strong reputation for its clinical focus and quality of product and I’m delighted to be part of a company with those principles. Providing innovative technology or products that really make a difference to clinicians and improve patient care for the long-term is, for me, what it’s all about.

In his BDM role John is co-ordinating the development, sales and marketing of PICCs, Midlines and Regional Anaesthesia to customers across the UK. He is ensuring his portfolio of Vygon products is tailored to the needs of the end-user while enhancing patient care and safety.

John added: “I’m looking forward to meeting Vygon customers existing and new. I want to ensure that hospitals and their medical staff receive the most appropriate products and service from us, while developing new ideas and technology for the future.”

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