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The Vygon Group buys Perouse Medical 

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 08-September-2015 
The Vygon Group buys Perouse Medical

The acquisition will strengthen Vygon’s commercial foothold in France and abroad, and develop a new area of expertise in the cardiovascular market

Vygon, the specialist single-use medical devices group, announces today the acquisition of Perouse Medical, a French company which designs, manufactures and markets cardiovascular medical devices (stents, Vascular grafts and patches, radial compression and inflation systems, hemostasic valves, angiographic syringes as well as consumables for contrast media injectors for scanners and MRI, etc.) and long-term vascular access devices (implantable ports, PICCs, Huber needles,catheter maintenance dressings, etc.). The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Established in 1984, Perouse Medical generated a turnover of €28.2 million ($31.4 million) in 2014. It has a presence in 90 countries and a network of 200 distributors; 55% of Perouse Medical’s turnover stems from its international operations. With French offices in the Oise region (Ivry-le-Temple) and in the Greater Lyon area of the Rhône-Alpes region (Irigny), the company employs 336 people. Perouse Medical will be the cardiovascular and long-term vascular access specialist within the Vygon group. Thomas Walter, the current deputy director general of Perouse Medical, will be responsible for the general management of the company and will join the Vygon Group Executive Committee.

This operation is in line with Vygon’s development plan and is primarily intended to reinforce the existing product ranges. With this acquisition, Vygon strengthens its position in the adult long-term vascular access market, which is estimated to be worth €1.1 billion ($1.2 billion).1

The synergies between Perouse and Vygon’s various product ranges will allow Vygon to expand its portfolio of available products and strengthen its commercial foothold in France and abroad. The operation also aims to develop expertise on new single-use health product families, with a focus on interventional cardiology and the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. This market is worth €2.1 billion ($2.3 billion) and is growing at an annual rate of 12%.1

Perouse Medical’s patent portfolio, with 162 patents, will become property of Vygon.

“With this new acquisition, Vygon consolidates its position in the French and international markets, thereby demonstrating its determination to achieve by 2022 the objectives set out in its growth plan,” said Stéphane Regnault, chairman of Vygon’s board of management. “Perouse Medical is renowned amongst health professionals for its strong expertise, the quality of its medical devices and its capacity for innovation. For these reasons, Perouse is a perfect fit for the Vygon Group development strategy.”

1. Source : Millenium Research Group

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