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New Product Switch Saves Hospital £13,000 

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 01-April-2015 
New Product Switch Saves Hospital £13,000

An initiative by Vascular Access experts at Torbay District General Hospital to review and evaluate needle-free devices has led to the Trust switching products and saving itself £13,000.

Working closely with medical product supplier Vygon (UK) Ltd, a two week evaluation was carried out using Vadsite, a device that provides low deadspace and a straight fluid pathway - meeting global opinion leaders’ recommendations. The Hospital was formerly using a larger device with a tortuous fluid pathway.

Torbay’s procurement department assessed product costings and examined the impact on the Trust. Initial assessments showed that Vadsite could bring significant annual savings to the Trust and permission was given for Vygon to liaise directly with the clinical teams.

Lili Keen, Vygon’s South West Sales Executive, worked closely with hospital staff on the initiative. She said: “This was very much a joint initiative between the hospital and Vygon that was carried out on a step by step basis. Once procurement staff had studied the figures I worked with the Vascular Access Team Lead to set up a two week evaluation in the Hospital itself.

“Once the evaluation was complete the findings were presented to the Vascular Access Lead, who was himself an expert in the field of needle free devices. He reviewed the findings, as well as the product features and the supporting clinical studies. He was very satisfied with what he saw and how Vadsite worked and recommended that the change be implemented.

Lili continued supporting the Hospital during the changeover period, liaising with key personnel to ensure a smooth transition was made from the old device to Vadsite, including updates with the hospital stores.

Once Vadsite was in place Vygon trained hospital staff on each ward to show the workings and benefits of Vadsite, demonstrating how it would help both them and their patients.

Lili said: “My involvement did not stop just because the contract was signed. We provide onsite training and as part of the agreement which a service Vygon offers as standard, but we will repeat that training as and when is deemed necessary and appropriate by the Trust.”

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