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Vygon Offers Free Webinar Showing Real Time PICC Placement Using Nautilus 

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 17-February-2015 
Vygon Offers Free Webinar Showing Real Time PICC Placement Using Nautilus

Healthcare professionals in the Vascular Access field have a chance to watch a real time time peripherally inserted central venous catheter (PICC) placement using Nautilus – an ECG-guided catheter tip placement system. 

Dr Matt Jones, Consultant Anaesthetist and Gemma Oliver, Nurse Consultant Integrated IV Care and NIVAS Board Member, from East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust will be hosting a free webinar to healthcare professionals, in association with Vygon (UK) Ltd.

In the 50 minute online session at 2pm BST, on Tuesday 3 March, you will be able to watch a pre-recorded real time PICC placement using Nautilus on a patient. You will then get the chance to discuss the case with Matt and Gemma who will be sharing their tips and tricks. Although the placement is pre-recorded, it will be an unedited video, whatever happens on the day you will see.

Lauren Kime, Training Manager at Vygon, has worked closely with Matt and Gemma to organise the webinar. She said:

“We’re really pleased that Matt and Gemma are able to do this webinar. We can tell you all about PICC placement with Nautilus, but it means so much more when you can see first-hand how respected professionals use it in their daily practice to improve their patient outcomes.”

You can register for the webinar by going to bit.ly/nautilus-webinar - Places are limited so register early to ensure you don’t miss out.

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