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Vygon helps hospitals drive down infections 

Posted by vygon (UK) Ltd  on 18-July-2014 
Vygon helps hospitals drive down infections

A new aim at ZERO campaign to help drive down patient infection rates has been launched this month by Vygon UK. The aim at ZERO initiative will target patients with Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs) and support the national epic3, Winning Ways and Matching Michigan guidelines in reducing infection rates to zero.

As part of the campaign, Vygon is offering aim at ZERO packs containing free samples and information to enhance patient care and cut associated on-costs.

Aim at ZERO sets out a simple five step plan for hospital staff covering; preparation, application, insertion, access and protection. The plan demonstrates how Vygon products will help reduce Trusts infection rates when used inline with national and local infection prevention protocols.

Lindsay Smith, Product Manager for Vygon said:

“We know there are approximately 15 million inpatient admissions in the UK every year in the NHS and of these 6% will get an HAI. This will increase their length of stay by 11 days and cost the Hospital on average £3,000 per infection. We also know patients with an HAI are 7.1 times more likely to die in the hospital than uninfected patients. Aim at ZERO features a range of products, which used together, will prove extremely effective in lowering infection rates. We’ve already had a number of hospitals request the aim at ZERO packs and we are looking forward to working with them further as part of the campaign.” *

The innovative multi-therapy products and services include; VYSET Custom Packs, VENE-K single-use tourniquet, MaxFlo Expert PICC, Vadsite needle-free device and Curos Port Protectors. These aim at ZERO products are all supported by clinical data and studies and are built on a foundation of high-quality support, technical assistance and education.

Visit www.aim-at-zero.co.uk for more information about how your Trust can utilise aim at ZERO to help get your infection rates, associated on-costs down to ZERO.

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