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Enteral feeding products challenge conventional practice 

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 01-July-2014 
Enteral feeding products challenge conventional practice

Dozens of Gastroenterology delegates are finding out more about endoscopic gastropexy and its benefits for patients and users.

At the recent British Society for Gastroenterology (BSG) Conference in Manchester, Vygon (UK) Ltd presented its extensive range of enteral feeding products and so impressed many delegates that further discussions are now planned.

At the Vygon exhibition delegates were shown how the primary insertion of a balloon retained gastrostomy feeding tube for specific patient groups, negates the need for a re-admission for the removal of a PEG and offers patients the right tube first time.

Max Richards, Business Development Manager for Vygon’s enteral range said: “The Vygon MIC Introducer Kit allows the primary insertion of a balloon device and challenges conventional practice. Not only does it improve patient experience, it also reduces the burden of re-admission. We took more than 25 enquiries on this kit alone.

“Our poster presentation that compared PEG vs. Endoscopic gastropexy also showed really positive outcomes. The procedure was not only deemed safe and comparable to using a PEG, but also a viable alternative to using a PEG in patients with inherently difficult upper GI tract and major illness.

“To support this, we also offer an extensive range of surgical jejunostomy, balloon retained jejunostomy and gastro-jejunostomy feeding tubes that tackle many of the challenges associated with conventional feeding devices, such as displacement, occlusion and disconnection. Offering a range of tubes that feature robust anchoring devices really attracted delegates’ interest, as tubes being accidentally removed is a key problem healthcare providers are facing.

“We are now following up all our conference leads with further discussion and contact and look forward to supporting new customers in their transition to our range of MIC and MIC-KEY enteral feeding products.”

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