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Healthcare Professionals Prepare for Vascular Access Conference in Berlin! 

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 13-June-2014 
Healthcare Professionals Prepare for Vascular Access Conference in Berlin!

Four UK healthcare professionals are preparing to jet off to this year’s World Congress on Vascular Access in Berlin – thanks to sponsorship from Vygon (UK) Ltd. The four delegates were selected after detailing their proposals on the future of IV therapy within the hospital and community setting over the next five years.

Their written submissions were judged by a panel of international IV experts and the winning entrants came from a range of hospital trusts and healthcare across the country.

They were Maria Dolores Guerrero, a Clinical Nurse Specialist of Virgin Care Surrey, Joselito Marinas a Training and Education Manager of the Royal Liverpool University Hospitals, Vicki Shawyer a Senior Vascular Access Nurse Specialist at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust and Corrine Cameron-Watson a Senior Infection Prevention Nurse with the Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Acute Trust.

Each has won a delegate place at the third World Congress on Vascular Access in Berlin, which includes admission to the three-day Congress from June 18th20th, flights to and from the event, accommodation and a special evening forum discussion with a panel of experts.

One winner, Corinne Cameron-Watson, has been nursing for more than 30 years and working in her current infection control role since 2006, said: “A large part of my job is dealing with infections so we’re always looking for anything that can actually be done to help reduce them.

“With more and more patients receiving IV therapy out in the community there’s huge potential for improving home education and with advancements in technology there may be dissolvable line solutions, or impregnated early warning detectors that can make people aware of potential infections before they take hold.

“However, even with future hi-tech solutions the age-old, very basic, but all-important principle of scrupulous hand –hygiene is one of the staples of infection control. There have been good reductions in some infections over the last 20 years, but new infections come through and you can never take your eye off the ball. There is no one solution fits all.

“I’m really looking forward to the Congress, I’ve never been before and it was a great surprise to win. It should be really interesting.”

Vygon Business Development Manager Paul Allen said there were some very good submissions from a diverse range of healthcare professionals.

He said: “It’s always refreshing to hear from professionals out in the field who are dealing with vascular access issues as part of their daily working lives. The judges were very impressed with the submissions, and the proposals and issues covered will make for some lively discussions at the forum evening.

“All our winning delegates are really looking forward to the Congress, as are we. It promises to be a most enlightening few days.”

The seminar will bring together leading experts in Vascular Access from all over the world and is billed as a unique, multidisciplinary and multi-professional event covering all aspects of vascular access, including indications for the choice of the device; insertion techniques; tip location methods; and prevention and management.

There will be discussions on safety, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and the sharing of results on research, protocols, innovations and expertise. Scientific and educational sessions will be hosted by international experts with the opportunity to share latest knowledge, experiences and learn about future trends.

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